Manila Bay Yacht Cruise With Amazing Seafood Feast

Manila Bay Cruise

Just to warn you, there is nothing too informative in this post. Frankly, I do not even know the model of the vessel we boarded for our little early evening Manila Bay sojourn. Please watch the video below to fully appreciate.

After a long “break” from doing events thanks (no thanks) to the coronavirus pandemic, our company DMC Philippines finally started to get back into the groove in the second half of 2022. I was personally hesitant to undergo all of the exposure and the health protocols but after contracting Covid-19 in June, I was happy enough to venture out thanks to natural immunity.

Anyway, ahead of our New Wave concert event titled “Sneak Attack 3: The Return” at Okada Manila, we had a little fun evening out in the bay with the DMC family and our invited foreign artists: Andrew Mann and Clive Farrington (When in Rome UK), Dave Jackson (The Room), and Ian Donaldson (H20).

We headed over to the Manila Yacht Club where we boarded the Marcelo yacht upon the invitation of the owner himself.  The atmosphere at the yacht club transports you immediately away from Metro Manila. All the luxury vessels berthed there are reminders that we may be in the third world, but there sure are a lot of wealthy people here!

Upon arrival, I immediately proceeded to the upper deck while we still had some natural light before the sunset. It was a spacious deck with seats available for about 30 people and even more standing room if you wanted to do a cocktail party.

Manila Bay Yacht Club

I am no fan of sunbathing, but I would imagine it would be fun to catch some sun while enjoying a few drinks up on the bow of the yacht in bikinis on a day spent further out in the islands. Somehow the Manila Bay does not seem like a good place for that haha.

Manila Bay Yacht Club
Spacious bow good for hanging out.

If I’m being totally honest, Philippine weather is simply much too hot for me even after the sun goes down. The hot, humid weather isn’t the most ideal environment to hang out so I spent most of the time enjoying the airconditioned and well-appointed interior cabin.

The yacht has one main bedroom that has its own bathroom and queen sized bed. It looked a lot more comfortable than regular cruise ship cabins and I could see myself enjoying a stay there.

There is also a smaller room with bunk beds for other guests, or perhaps the crew? I’m not really certain if the crew has separate quarters below deck.

Manila Bay Yacht Club
Spacious bedroom with queen bed

There is a fully equipped kitchen below deck where meals can be prepared,  and the space is big enough to have a proper refrigerator for food storage. There is even a little breakfast nook that can be used for quick meals.

In the main cabin, there is a mini bar for serving drinks and preparing food. The main dining area is also pretty big, as it was able to accommodate about 12 of us when we had our dinner and production meeting.

Manila Bay Yacht CLub
DMC squad with Ms. Cielo Reboredo of Okada Manila

The living area also had enough seating for about 10 people plus more room to mingle. In all, the main cabin can comfortably sit 20-25 people and even more for a party with some people standing.

Manila Bay Yacht Club
          Luxuriously appointed main cabin/common area

The highlight of the evening was a sumptuous seafood feast catered by ASIAN TASTE restaurant. They are located in the nearby Seascape Village near Sofitel, but they came onboard with us fully prepared to cook and serve fresh seafood for us on the yacht. They even brought some pressure steamers so that some of the live seafood could be cooked right out on the stern.

Manila Bay Cruise
Salted Egg Crabs

Manila Bay Cruise
Live suahe pressure cooked on the boat

2kg cheesy lobster

Of course, there were free flowing drinks as well. you can’t have a cruise without some bubbly after all. It was a fun night reconnecting with the gang and also a celebration of life after enduring a horrible two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.