GORYEO Korean Dining: Okada Manila's Hidden Gem

Rating: 4/5 stars

When I say that GORYEO is a hidden gem, I mean that both figuratively and literally. This upscale Korean barbecue restaurant is tucked away on a quiet corridor that runs along the bayside area of OKADA Manila. The row of restaurants lies along a quiet hallway that links the VIP Casino suites to the rest of the property. It’s a little challenging to find, but it’s definitely worth it!

Goryeo prides itself in providing a premium dining experience. Now that unlimited Korean Barbecue joints have proliferated across the country, Goryeo offers something high brow and top quality. The question is, did they deliver on that promise? My simple answer is, YES. The restaurant itself is the epitome of class and opulence. The high ceilings and luxe interiors immediately reassure you that you’re in for something special.

For me, regardless of how nice the place looks, the food should speak for itself. Let’s start with the most basic aspect of a Korean meal–BANCHAN. The selection of appetizers here is definitely much better than most of the famous unli-samgyupsal places. They served my favorite odeng (Korean rice cakes), rolled omelette, some kind of meat loaf, kimchi, seaweed soup and a salad. Most of the famous unlimited places only offer kimchi and some form or another of pa mu chim (green onion salad) and pickles.

Goryeo Korean Dining
The Banchan selection at Goryeo
Goryeo Korean Dining

We ordered a special pork platter that was good to share between three people. Obviously,  we  can’t compare it to the volume you will get in an unli-meat place. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit pricey here if you’re going to compare it against places that offer around Php500/head for unlimited meat. Nevertheless, I believe it’s still worth dining here since you’re getting high quality meat and a good selection of other Korean staples that you won’t find in samgyupsal-centric restaurants.

Goryeo Korean Dining
Dwaejigogo Modeum Gui (Assorted special pork set) Php2,000

Goryeo Korean Dining Goryeo Korean Dining

Let’s focus on the other dishes.

My favorite Korean dish, bar none, is the GALBI JJIM. This sweet, savory beef stew is something that I always have a craving for. Sadly, many new Korean restaurants here don’t offer it. Even in Korea, I had to ask  my friend to look for a specialty restaurant that serves this. The version at Goryeo was superb. The beef ribs were perfectly tender and the sauce was very flavorful. My only complaint? I would have wanted a little bit of heat. Most places that serve this don’t have a spicy kick either, but the ones on Korea are smoldering!

Goryeo Korean Dining
So-Galbi Jjim (Korean Beef Stew) Php1,400

However, I did get a spicy kick from the TTEOKBOKKI. Traditionally a street snack, this humble dish has become world famous. It’s also not as spicy as the ones in Korea, but I think that’s probably a good thing. This way, your dining companions won’t be limited only to those who can tolerate a lot of heat.

Goryeo Korean Dining
Tteok-bokki (spicy rice cakes) Php550

Our group also ordered some KIMBAP or Korea’s version of the futomaki. This is another dish that’s very familiar with anyone who likes Korean cuisine. Compared to the ones served in Korea, these are much bigger and fully-loaded. In  Korea, you typically get smaller rolls with only one or two fillings. These are larger rolls which are sliced into more manageable pieces. The kimbap at Goryeo is filled with carrots, cucumber, omelette, beef, ham, crabsticks and pickles. All the flavors blend perfectly well together. Frankly, I can order this for myself and have it as a satisfying lunch with some kimchi!

Goryeo Korean Dining

I am truly please to have discovered Goryeo in Okada Manila. I’m already looking forward to my next meal there.

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