Bali Flower Bath: Everything You Need To Know

If you follow any travel bloggers or “influencers” on Instagram, that means you’ve probably seen endless photos from classic traveller destinations like Bali, Indonesia. When in Bali, there is also a checklist of shots that every visitor is bound to have. There are the beaches, temples, Bali swing and our topic for today: The Bali Flower Bath.

Many hotels and resorts in Bali offer an array of options. Flower baths start from simple affairs en suite in your own bath tub, down to completely extravagant productions involving small swimming pools. Through special arrangements, some resorts can completely cover their pools in flowers. Usually, the large-scale flower baths (swimming pools) are reserved for special occasions like marriage proposals or a massive PR campaign (like when a big-name celebrity comes to stay).

Today, I’m going to tell you all about my experience at the KAVERI SPA in Ubud. After a few hours of research (only on Instagram…I can’t be bothered to dig deeper TBH), my friend Aurie and I decided that the flower bath offered by the KAVERI SPA at The Udaya Resort is the most instagrammable of the lot. Since we were going to do this anyway, we might as well go for the one that will look the best.

At the Kaveri Spa, they call a flower bath the “CELEBRATION OF FLOWERS.” You can come here to do only a 45 minute flower bath and nothing else. However,  we decided to go for a complete pampering package instead. Our package included the following treatments:

Kaveri Spa PAMPERING PACKAGE (IDR1,000,000 or US$70)

  • 45-minute Celebration of Flowers
  • 45-minute traditional Balinese Massage
  • 45-minute hour facial

After reaching out to the spa on Instagram (It was very difficult to book through their website, unfortunately), we were able to get in touch with them via WhatsApp. This was how we got hold of the spa packages and price list. I actually found it to be a little bit annoying that this information is not readily available to view on their website.

We told them which design we wanted for our flower bath (based on the designs we saw online) and they happily obliged. We arrived a few minutes early to our appointment and they gave us some tea. we were also given some fragrant oils to choose from. The oil will apparently be used for our massage.

Once we were done with our drinks, we were led into the treatment room. First on our agenda is the flower bath. The tub had been carefully decorated in exactly the same design that I asked for the day before. They certainly did not scrimp on the flowers. The sheer volume of the blooms allowed us to step into the tub without disrupting the design.

Bali Flower Bath
Top view of the flower bath design that we requested

We were given a pair of slippers and robes and were left alone to enjoy the flower bath. The room had showers for two as well as a pair of massage beds. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time taking photos. It would be a shame to do this without capturing the beauty of the bath. If we are being honest though, there was no relaxation that went on. Forty-five minutes goes by so fast when you’re trying to capture the perfect shot for the gram!

Bali Flower Bath
The flower bath was open on one side with a view of a lush Balinese garden.

Obviously. If you’re going to do this, do try to relax and chill in the tub amongst the flowers for at least a good chunk of the time. The water was pleasantly warm and the room opens up to a lush pocket garden. One whole wall is open so you really feel like you’re outdoors. There’s a small stream right outside so you can hear the trickling water. It’s really a relaxing and possibly a romantic set-up.

Bali Flower Bath
The tub is big enough to accommodate 2-4 people comfortably

After our time was up, I was very grateful that we actually decided to book the full pampering package. Even though the flower bath was spent mostly posing, we still had the massage and facial to look forward to.Bali Flower Bath

Anyone who has been following me knows that I am not a big massage person. I don’t feel very comfortable being touched by strangers so I almost never feel relaxed at a massage. However, since we were doing the package, I was willing to give the traditional Balinese massage a try. I didn’t take any photos during the massage but you can see some clips in the video above. (Let me just bombard you with more pics from the flower bath).

Bai Flower Bath

I must say, this was a revelation! I thoroughly enjoyed this massage. first of all, a big chunk of it is done with a cloth draped over your body. The therapist applies gentle pressure on your body without touching your skin. This made me feel a lot more comfortable! The pressure was perfect. I hate going in for a massage and feeling completely beat-up for days after. This massage was just the right amount of pressure to make a difference but not enough to cause any pain post-therapy. I’m so glad I gave this a chance. I highly recommend it! This was the first time that I nearly fell asleep at a massage table!

After the massage, we had our facial. there was no pricking involved so it was basically some exfoliation and a facial treatment. I had some problems with this because my skin didn’t react well with the products that they were using. I have fairly clear skin most of the time and only heat really causes issues. I don’t use many products on my face except a mild facial wash. I felt like the products used were perhaps harsher than what my face is used to. I guess this really depends on the level of sensitivity of your skin.

Here’s the spa menu and price list for your reference:

Kaveri Spa Menu Kaveri Spa Menu Kaveri Spa Menu Kaveri Spa Menu Kaveri Spa Menu Kaveri Spa Menu