Bali Food Review: Bebek Joni (Crispy Fried and Traditional Smoked Duck)

I was desperate for some local Indonesian food after having been stuck eating Western or fusion food in Seminyak. Since we were on a day trip to Ubud, we asked our driver to take us to a place where we can eat some local specialties. This is how we ended up at Bebek Joni. 

Many of the other places where you can get local food are either just street stalls or street-side warungs. Bebek Joni sets itself apart by stepping up the ambience game. The tables are large and the dining area is spacious. There are high ceilings and an upscale yet rustic vibe. The best part is the fact that one entire side of the restaurant opens up to views of endless rice paddies.

Our selection of house specialties at BEBEK JONI in Ubud, Bali.

We tried “bebek” or duck done two ways. The first one is the Traditional Smoked Duck. That’s what the English menu says but I believe this is actually duck in Balinese betutu sauce. The brownish yellow sauce is a heady mix of spices that are closely related but not exactly similar to a curry.

Traditional Smoked Duck served with satay, urap salad and steamed rice)

I say this because the duck does not give off a smoky flavor at all. It makes me wonder why they call this a smoked duck dish. Nevertheless the duck was extremely tender and flavorful. Each portion contains what looks like half a bird. Not a bad serving at all.

Crispy Fried Duck served with rice, satay, urap salad, shrimp crackers and sambal)

The Crispy Fried Duck is my favorite. This is served like many traditional Balinese dishes. The main protein sits in a plate with steamed rice, satay, a coconut and string bean salad (urap) and some spicy sambal. The sambal works really well with the crispy duck. I prefer the bird cooked this way because of the texture of the skin. The crunch that it makes as I bite into each piece really whets my appetite.

We washed it all down with susu soda and a filling local meal is complete!
Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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