Banh Mi Kitchen: Cure Your Hanoi Hangover Instantly!

When Vietnam is mentioned anywhere in the world, the top three things that come to mind are: The war, Miss Saigon and Vietnamese food! If you have actually been to Vietnam, you will surely have a hangover from eating all of the fresh and delicious food.

Here in Manila, BANH MI KITCHEN has taken on the task of helping you get over that hangover by reliving the experience. They have just introduced the new HANOI HANGOVER MEAL. 

BMKN Hanoi Hangover Meal

A Hanoi Hangover Meal consists of the following:

  1. A crunchy banh mi sandwich
  2. A hot cup of BMKN Pho
  3. BMKN Viet Iced Coffee

Let’s talk about the Banh Mi first. I tried three versions starting with THE CLASSIC. As the name suggests, this is filled with the classic ingredients that you would find if you were having a banh mi in the streets of Vietnam.

It is filled with Vietnamese ham, roast pork, pate, cucumber, pickled radishes and carrots, mayo and hoisin sauce. I really liked this sandwich because it captured the authentic banh mi flavors without going overboard. It’s nothing mind-blowing but it’s spot-on if you’re looking for authenticity.

The second version that I tried was the BUFFALO CHICKEN CHICHARRONES BANH MI. I had an issue with the name “Buffalo Chicken” because I’m very anal about buffalo chicken hot sauce. If it’s not the buttery, vinegar-based hot sauce glaze, it shouldn’t be called “buffalo chicken” in my opinion.

BMKN’s Buffalo Chicken Chicharrones

Nevertheless, if we set aside the technicalities with the name, this was a damned good spicy chicken sandwich. Bonus points need to be given for the crunchy chicken skin chicharrones in the sandwich.

Lastly, I have to highly recommend the WAGYU TAPA Banh Mi. Tender pieces of perfectly marinated wagyu tapa is mixed with omelette, pate and the usual load of veggies. It’s the one thing you can’t miss if you ever come here! A perfect fusion sandwich!

Now, let’s talk about the pho. There’s no noodles in their pho here since it’s only meant to complement the sandwich. Nevertheless, the broth is filled with a deep, rich flavor as if it had been simmering for hours. A real treat during rainy afternoons.

If you like your coffee strong and flavorful, you need to try the Vietnamese iced coffee at Banh Mi Kitchen. It’s stronger than what most Filipinos are used to, but the creamy condensed milk cuts through the coffee’s strength and delivers a satisfyingly potent but delicious brew.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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