Travel to Magical Positano and Amalfi: Ish Meets Italy

One of the most memorable sunsets that I have witnessed in my life was in Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy. I was on a break from school and a friend convinced me to join her in Italy. We took the bus from Naples and along with a bunch of backpackers, went on a day trip to Amalfi and Positano. I am hardly the romantic but one does not need to be one to be truly moved by this place.

This is the setting for a part of the movie “Only You” with Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei. This where Tomei’s character supposedly finds her soulmate “Damon Bradley”. After visiting the idyllic town nestled on the rock face overlooking the sea, I can imagine why this place is pegged to be the place where magic happens and the impossible is achieved.

It really is a picture perfect little town where one is compelled to write poetry, paint or make love all day. Il Dolce Far Niente. This place embodies just about everything that I love about Italy.