Visa Issues and Connecting People: Ish Meets Scandinavia

*taken in Oslo, Norway
Living in an archipelago, It still amazes me how other people just drive to other countries. I know it’s no big deal, but you know, even domestic travel around the Philippines wasn’t this easy and widespread until a few years ago.
Of course, being Filipinos, we also have the small problem of NEEDING A VISA TO GET ANYWHERE. This makes it even more fascinating to me when I see the ease of access that other nationalities have to each other.
In a global community where everything and everyone is just at your fingertips, the geographical distance of our islands to other countries still proves to be a very real barrier.
Makes me think about the days of snail mail, telegrams and impossibly expensive airline tickets.
How things have changed. I’m looking forward to seeing the next developments that humans will think of to bridge the gap.