Dublin's Georgian Doors: Ish Meets Ireland

I had the opportunity to visit Dublin recently due to a friend’s wedding so you can expect a couple of posts about Ireland in the coming months.
The first and most obvious attraction that greeted us upon landing in Dublin were the doors. This is apart from the Philippine flag being waved at us at the greeting area (nice one Kissa).
The picturesque Georgian buildings all over the city center are highlighted by brightly colored doors framed in white. Apparently, back in the day, the doors were painted different colors in order to tell them apart. The exteriors of the buildings all looked the same so painting the doors a bright color allowed drunk Dubliners to find the right door when coming home at night. Sounds like my kind of town!
I can’t be sure if this is true, I’ll have to wait for some comments of affirmation or violent reactions from our Irish friends.
Another story says something about the Irish painting the doors different colors as a sign of rebellion against an edict by the British Monarchy to paint the doors black in mourning for the passing of Queen Victoria.
I’m more inclined to believe the drunk-and-need-to-find-the-right-door story 🙂