Meat Depot Review: Affordable Angus Ribeye Steaks!

I was having a massive meat craving a few weeks ago and decided to invite my parents out for a quick lunch before we did our grocery shopping. We are not dining out regularly yet to avoid crowds so we were happy to find MEAT DEPOT in UP Town Center, which is a convenient place to enjoy a late lunch at the same place where we can also pick up our groceries.

I used to always order meat online from Meat Depot especially during the height of the pandemic when literally all of our household shopping was done online. I am currently doing a hybrid version of that, with some things bought online and just a few things from the store. I was actually pleasantly surprised to learn that apart form being a frozen meat shop, one can also go to Meat Depot to have a nice meal.

They have a “paluto style” restaurant wherein you can select your meat from the freezer and they can cook it on the spot for you and serve it with a choice of sides.

Of course we went for an Angus ribeye steak, which we were able to get for only around Php800 for something like a 350g slice. There is a cooking charge of either Php150 for regular sauce and sides or Php200 for premium sauce and sides. I chose a premium set with herbed butter sauce and aglio olio pasta.

Angus ribeye steak

I must say, the steak quality is good and the chefs there know what they are doing. Mine was perfectly cooked to medium rare, and even if it was seasoned simply with salt and pepper, you can already taste a lot of meaty flavor. There are of course higher grade meats available, even Wagyu. However, even a simple mid-week meal can be a treat here without having to break the bank. One can also go for dinner to enjoy some wine or cocktails with the steaks.

My mom got an Angus quarter pound burger, which she said tastes superb. The pure beef patty was also grilled and seasoned only with salt and pepper, but the natural flavors of the meat really shine through.

Angus Quarter-pound Burger

We also ordered the rib platter, which was tasty but I personally think it could have a little bit more meat on the bone. I like the barbecue sauce that they used, which was a perfect blend of sweet and savory.

Grilled Rib Platter

Our entire meal was worth  only about Php2,500, which is quite affordable for three people in a steak place. They also have even more budget friendly options here like rice bowls for solo diners (Php350-PHP500 on average).

Overall, Meat Depot is a highly recommended spot if you are craving for a high protein meal. Their sausages also come highly recommended by some of my foodie friends. While the place is more well-known as a butcher shop, the restaurant is certainly well thought out and the food can compete with more expensive restaurants with similar menu options.

Meat Depot Dining Area

Watch the full video below to see our whole experience. Meat Depot now has branches all over Metro Manila so check out their social media to find a branch near you!