What's new at MUM'S LASAGNA? Gift sets and Bro's Mushroom Puffs now available!

Mum's Lasagna
Mum's Gift Box

First of all, if you’re reading this, I sure hope you have already tried ordering from MUM’S LASAGNA in the past. If not, well, now’s your chance! The new Gift Box that they offer is the perfect way to sample all of their best sellers in one order. If you have tried them before and can’t decide which one is your favorite, then this is also a great way to have a little bit of everything.

GIFT BOX INCLUSIONS (Good for 2-3 pax for sharing) Php990.00:

1 Mini Mum’s Lasagna Tray

1 Honey Roasted Chicken Quarter with Mum’s Special Sauce and Herb Encrusted Sweet Potato Gratin

Mum’s Cheesy Nachos

FREE 2 pcs. Bro’s Mushroom Puffs

Mum's Lasagna
Mum's Lasagna Solo Tray

The signature Mum’s Lasagna is always the star of the show! The mini tray may look small, but it packs a hefty serving of creamy, meaty lasagna with the classic striped top. Layers of pasta  mixed in with cheesy bechamel and tomato meat sauce makes this a sure hit for kids and adults alike.

Mum's Lasagna
Honey Roasted Chicken with Cheesy Sweet Potato Gratin

The honey roasted chicken is juicy and mouth-watering. The tender chicken glazed with a sweet-savory sauce is sure to be your next party staple. Have a taste in this gift box and order a whole portion next time! I particularly loved the sweet potato gratin that went with it. I feel like it will go well with a variety of other roasted meats.

Mum's Lasagna
Mum's Cheesy Nachos

Mum’s cheesy nachos are a spin-off from their lasagna. Instead of pasta, dip some corn chips into a combination of Mum’s meaty lasagna and bechamel sauce. So good!

Mum's Lasagna
Bro's Mushroom Puff

Last but not the least, Mum’s Lasagna is introducing a new menu item! Try out  Bro’s Mushroom Puffs! Balsamic glazed mushroom duxelle with sun dried tomatoes, feta and mozzarella cheese on flaky buttery baked puff pastry. What’s more, it’s vegetarian friendly! You can also order Bro’s Mushroom Puffs in boxes of 9 pcs for an introductory price of Php480.

Lots of items to try at Mum’s Lasagna! They also accept same day delivery now so you can order anytime you have a craving! Visit their Instagram @mumslasagna.ph for more information or call 09177166500.