Lewis Hamilton only got a pacifier after Masi's removal: Opinion

Lewis Hamilton
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Last month, it was finally announced that the FIA is ready to take action following a review of the controversial 2021 season, with particular emphasis on the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

It was revealed that race director Michael Masi would be relieved of his duties as Formula 1 race director, and will be offered a different post within the FIA organization. In his place, a VAR-style control centre will be installed, and race director duties will be split between two people with another senior advisor watching over everything.

It does seem to be a big win for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, who are determined to prove that Masi’s decisions caused them to lose out on the Drivers’ World Championship title to Max Verstappen last season. Their fans are rejoicing, saying Verstappen’s victory will always have an asterisk on it.

Well, here’s the reality folks, there is no asterisk regardless of how much you might believe it. Verstappen won the title and the results have not been changed. The removal of Masi was more of an effort to take the load off a single person when it comes to crucial decisions during a race weekend. It was not an admission that he deliberately manipulated the results nor that he “stole” the title off Lewis.

If anything, it was a huge pacifier that is helping the rest of the grid move on without dealing with the constant whining.

No one is arguing that there were no inconsistencies throughout the duration of the season. There were quite a lot, which also meant that they did not benefit just one driver in particular. I am not going to nitpick on every small incident that went in favor of Max or Lewis or anyone else throughout the year. I’m just pointing out the fact that the decisions had gone in either direction.

Mercedes hinted that the seven-time champion may not return due to the trauma caused by the manner by which he lost the final race. While it was in fact heartbreaking, this really isn’t the first time someone lost a race in the closing moments due to unforeseen circumstances and a bad decision. Lando Norris can tell you all about slipping and sliding into the gravel after refusing to pit when it started raining in Sochi. The rain, like Latifi’s crash in Abu Dhabi, was beyond anyone’s control. The decision to pit however, was on the driver and the team. It was the same in Abu Dhabi, with Mercedes opting to keep Lewis out despite two clear opportunities to pit.

Moving forward, I’m glad Lewis didn’t retire. It would be great to see him attempt to turn things around. I’m also looking forward to seeing how George Russell will fare beside him.

Most of all, the Ferraris appear to be much stronger this season than they have been in a while. My tifosa heart is pumping with excitement, and I can’t wait for the lights to go out!