YAKUMI at Solaire Offers Weekday Teishoku Sets and Bento Box Meals

Yakumi at Solaire

Good news for diners like me, who want a little bit of everything. YAKUMI at Solaire Resort and Casino now offers Teishoku sets and bento box meals from Monday to Saturday during their lunch service.

Yakumi at Solaire

TEISHOKU set meals are basically composed of a main dish, usually a protein like meat or fish, a bowl of soup, rice and an assortment of side dishes. In Yakumi, you can choose from the following set meals: Chicken Nanban Set (Php900), Oyakodon Set (Php 680), Katsu Curry Rice Set (Php780), Katsudon Set (780), Pork Cutlet Set (780), Chirashi Sushi Set (Php980), Japanese Beef Curry Set (Php880), Tendon Set (Php980) and Tempura Set (Php1,450).

In Yakumi, each set comes with a Wafu salad, a bowl of rice, miso soup, iced tea and the dessert selection of the day. Frankly, I wish I could have a different Teishoku set for lunch every day of the week. We tried the Chirashi Sushi Set and the Tempura Set and I must say that each element was superb! The sashimi on the chirashi bowl was particularly fresh. There was no fishy smell and you can almost see the freshness even before you taste each slice of raw seafood.

Yakumi at Solaire
The chirashi bowl looked like a work of art!
Yakumi at Solaire
Tempura Teishoku Set

BENTO BOX meals are not entirely different from Teishoku sets. Each bento box has a main protein, an assortment of side dishes like sashimi, karaage, tempura etc. The bento is also served with a bowl of rice, soup, iced tea and the dessert selection of the day.

Here’s the Yakumi bento box selection:

  1. UME (Php1, 280): Grilled mackerel, sweet omelette, deep-fried chicken, sashimi, steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, iced tea, dessert of the day
    Yakumi at Solaire
    Ume Bento box

    Yakumi at Solaire
    Grilled mackerel
  2. TA-KE (Php1,680): Tempura, grilled US beef ribeye, sashimi, salmon teriyaki, sweet omelette, steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, iced tea, dessert of the day
    Yakumi at Solaire
    Grilled US ribeye
    Yakumi at Solaire
    Salmon teriyaki

    Yakumi at Solaire
    Ta-Ke Bento Box
  3. MATSU (Php2,080): Tempura, Chilean sea bass teriyaki, sashimi, beef roll, sweet omelette,  steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, iced tea, dessert of the day Yakumi at Solaire
    Yakumi at Solaire
    beef rolls, sweet omelette

    YAkumi at Solaire
    Matsu Bento Box
  4. SUSHI SET (Php1,620): Chef’s recommendation nigiri and sushi roll, Wafu salad with soya mirin dressing, sashimi, miso soup, iced tea, dessert of the day

I personally ordered the TA-KE bento box. The grilled ribeye really called out to me on the menu. As soon as it arrived at our table, I could not wait to dig my teeth into each succulent bite! We took photos as quickly as possible and sat down to enjoy our meal.

The steak exceeded my expectations. Usually, when you have steak as part of a set meal, you really can’t expect  the best. This ribeye had a good sear and you can really tell that the meat was top notch because it retained its tenderness. I regretted not eating it right away because the fat in the ribeye tastes really good when you eat it while it’s still very hot. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this immensely. It was flavored lightly with a thin sauce that enhanced the beefy flavor. With good meat, you don’t need to add much!

My set also had some tempura, sashimi and salmon teriyaki. I really liked the fact that there was a little of everything. It may look like they are small servings but it was actually quite a lot! You can really get to enjoy each element. The sashimi slices were thick and firm. The freshness really shines through! The subtle sweetness of the fish only needs the smallest amount of soy sauce and wasabi.

Speaking of wasabi, we really got a kick out of watching fresh wasabi being grated right at our table. At the start of the meal, a chef came around with a fresh wasabi root and a paddle grater made out of shark skin. Fresh wasabi is milder than the commercial paste and it doesn’t have that chemical aftertaste that you sometimes get.

Yakumi at Solaire
Fresh Wasabi

Overall, it was an exemplary experience. Kudos to Yakumi at Solaire for providing an excellent option for those of us who are always looking for a place to have an authentic, high quality gastronomic adventure. If you ever find yourself in the area, keep this place in mind. Tell me about your experience!

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