Kanto Freestyle 65°: Latest Branch from the Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Chain (Review)

The Kanto Freestyle Breakfast chain of restaurants has been steadily gaining a following over the past eight years. This is evident in the number of branches that have been popping up all over the Metro. The latest branch in Annapolis St., Greenhills offers an elevated new concept.

What sets this branch apart from the seven other Kanto Freestyle Breakfast branches is the introduction of the sous vide machine. The eggs here are cooked sous-vide at 65° hence the name of the restaurant. Some other crowd favorites from the other branches, like the Honey Garlic Chicken, has also been cooked sous-vide here. This makes the meat juicier and even tastier than before.

The chef agreed to show us the kitchen where the prized sous-vide machine is on standby.

Since most of dishes here are based on Filipino breakfast favorites, almost all of them feature eggs. That only means there were plenty of chances for us to sample the perfectly cooked pockets of sunshine!

Let me start with our favorites. Almost everyone in our group chose the Pulled Pork Adobo Flakes as their top choice. Slightly crispy on the edges but still tender, the salty flakes went really well with some sinamak vinegar and garlic rice. Of course, the rice was topped with a jiggly, gooey egg.

Pulled Pork Adobo Flakes Php150

Another crowd favorite is the Roast Beef Pares. I am a huge fan of pares in general but this is pares on steroids. Instead of the usual beef chunks, they use slices of roast beef, braised in the familiar flavors of pares sauce. Who knew that the humble pares can be elevated to almost look like it belongs in a fine dining restaurant?

Roast Beef Pares Php180

Those who love dried fish can have their fill with the Pusit, Dangit, Espada at Dilis combo. All of the dried seafood comes together to form a hearty breakfast with some garlic rice, eggs and vinegar. The presentation also makes you just want to dig right in!

Pusit, Dangit, Espada at Dilis Php160.00

Speaking of dried fish, we also tried their Chocnut Champorado topped with crispy, salty espada or swordfish. This is their version of the classic Filipino combination of tuyo and champorado. There is no need to add any milk or sugar to the perfectly balanced champorado. The salted fish then gives it a sharp yet complimentary salty contrast.

Chocnut Champorado Php135

If you’re looking for something different, some dishes also have an international twist. Since the eggs are the star of the show here, they also serve several versions of Eggs Benedict. You can choose to have yours with the classic ham, or replace it with bacon, spanish sardines, beef tapa or go vegetarian! We tried the tapa version and it was divine!

Tapa Eggs Benedict Php150

Instead of bread, you can also have sitaw and kangkong on hash browns with your poached eggs!

Sitaw and Kangkong with hashbrown and poached egg Php150.00

I personally loved the Kanto Longaniza Scotch Egg. It’s such a big serving that I think I can have this for brunch and dinner! The classic scotch egg is given a twist by replacing the minced meat with sweet longganisa. Just look at how thick the longanisa layer is!

Kanto Longaniza Scotch Egg Php170.00

Of course, you can also order a savory longganisa if you don’t like the sweet version. They have a Lucban Longganisa rice meal on the menu as well.

Lucban Longanisa Php140.00

If you’re looking for something lighter or you’re just not in the mood for rice, you can try their freshly baked Pan de Sal with a trio of condiments. A plate of steaming pan de sal comes with Emperador (brandy) infused liver pate, pesto and roasted garlic.

Pan de Sal platter Php95.00

Here are some of their other international selections:

Pulled beef pares nachos Php150.00
House Made Baked Beans Php140.00
Honey Garlic Chicken Php150.00
Fluffy Pancakes Php145.00

Once you’re done eating or if you’re just craving for something sweet, they have desserts and specialty drinks here as well!

Dessert Selection
Salted Caramel Frappe Php90.00
Iced Scramble Php70.00

If you notice the price points, everything is incredibly affordable. Even with premium ingredients and a clear attention to detail, they manage to keep prices down. What a deal! This place definitely gives great value for money.

Rating 5/5

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