Sangria Lolea Shines With Bistro Madrid's Amazing Spanish Dishes

There are very few things that I find more satisfying than having a leisurely cocktail before noon. My recent visit to BISTRO MADRID (Formerly Café Madrid) at Estancia Mall, Pasig provided just that, with the introduction of LOLEA Sangria. As a bonus, the drinks came alongside bouts of nostalgia brought about by some of the best Spanish food I’ve had in the Philippines.

LOLEA is a new player in the alcoholic beverage industry in the Philippines. Hailing from my beloved (Zaragoza) Spain, it aims to bring world-class and consistently perfect sangria quickly and easily into your glass. The pre-mixed bottle allows one to enjoy the hand-crafted cocktail without having to worry about how your local bartender mixes the popular Spanish drink.

Lolea Sangria

The drink was brought in by the people behind Terry’s Selection, the deli chain also behind Terry’s Bistro and Bistro Madrid. At the moment, only the red and white varieties of LOLEA Sangria are available in the country.
The restaurant has a corner dedicated to a mini version of Terry’s Selection.

LOLEA Nº1: The flagship red variety has a Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon base. The high quality Spanish wines are pre-mixed with lemon and orange juice, then finished off with some fizz and a hint of cinnamon. The drink was light and refreshing, perfect for lunch or just about any time of day in scorching Manila to be honest. It didn’t have the heaviness of locally-mixed sangrias that are spiked with cheap shots (pun intended) of gin or other clear alcohol in order to raise the potency and hide the poor quality of the wines used.

White and Red Lolea Sangria

LOLEA Nº2: The second variety that we tried is the white sangria also known as clarea. This one has a Chardonnay and Macabeo white wine base. It is also mixed with orange and lemon juice, then topped with a hint of vanilla. Both drinks were served with ice and slices of fresh fruits, just like a traditionally mixed sangria.

The drinks came down very smoothly and were dangerously delicious. I say dangerous because this is the kind of drink that you would keep drinking without realizing that it still has a potent alcohol content. The bottles are loaded with 7% alcohol and are stronger than your regular local light beer.

Lolea is available at Terry’s Selection for only Php725 per bottle and may also be enjoyed with your meals at Bistro Madrid.

Speaking of meals, I was supposed to come only for a few drinks. However, despite having already eaten, it was impossible to resist the classic Spanish dishes on the Bistro Madrid Menu. Since we were already having some sangria, we clearly needed some cheese and cold cuts to nibble on.

We were served with their SPANISH COLD CUTS and CHEESE PLATTER (100g/Php395) which featured slices of jamon serrano, chorizo pamplona, salchichon de vic, manchego cheese, mohon, arzua ullua. The star of this platter for me was the freshly cut jamon serrano. It just tasted so much better than the pre-sliced packages that can be bought in supermarkets.

Spanish Coldcuts and Cheese Platter

Soon after, we were served with some appetizers. First up were some CHOPI-FRITOS (Php310), a Spanish variation of calamares. Instead of the more familiar squid rings in local calamares (which they also have in Spain), this dish uses baby squid. These were crispy and lightly coated. The seasoning was just right and the baby squid were still soft and tender.


CROQUETAS DE JAMON SERRANO, POLLO Y SETAS SILVESTRES, 4 pcs (Php295): Croquetas are my go-to appetizer in any Spanish tapas place. The version in Bistro Madrid was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

Croquetas de Jamon Serrano, Pollo y Setas Silvestres

THE PERFECT TORTILLA WITH GAMBAS AL AJILLO (Php380): The Tortilla Espanola was given a unique twist here by mixing it up with another Spanish classic, the gambas al ajillo. I usually prefer the one with jamon mixed into it but in the interest of variety, this one’s a good option as well.
The Perfect Tortilla with Gambas Al Ajillo

My favorite parts of the meal were the COLGADOS de TOLEDO or hanging meats. These are skewered pieces of meat which are grilled and then served hanging over a variety of sides.

1. TERRY’S BUTIFARRA SAUSAGE (PHP345): Another classic. This sausage from Catalunya was served on a skewer with tomatoes and peppers. The sausage drippings fell on an earthenware pot filled with sautéed white beans.

2. PIGGY HIGH (PHP345): We were certainly left on a high after watching this chorizo getting flambéed in Sherry Brandy while resting on a cute pig-shaped pot. After the spectacle of the flambé, the real high came when we tasted the chorizo and its accompanying lentil stew.

Piggy High flambe

3. EL BUEY FELIZ (PHP345): Ah, feliz. Happiness is an understatement to describe how I felt after just one bite of this perfectly seasoned steak. Pieces of ribeye are grilled medium-rare and glazed with their unique Espanola sauce. Paired with deep-fried potatoes drizzled with aioli, I almost didn’t want to share!

No Spanish meal is complete without a paella. Bistro Madrid offers a selection of paellas and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked their BISTRO MADRID GRAN PAELLA (PHP650). I say surprised because I am almost never pleased with local paellas. I always find my own home-made paella better because at home, you don’t have to scrimp on the ingredients!

Bistro Madrid Gran Paella

Luckily, the paella served here is fully loaded with a sufficient amount of seafood, sausages and vegetables. The taste could not be faulted either. The seasoning was perfect and the saffron really came through. The only downside is that they did not appear to have used Spanish bomba rice. Nevertheless, the reasonable price point more than makes up for that!

Alongside our already fully-loaded rice, we also had some meat dishes:

PATORILLO CALDERETA (PHP380): This is reminiscent of the local kalderetang kambing. Tender pieces of baby goat’s trotters are stewed in a rich sauce until fall-off-the-bone tender. The dish offers deep flavors that just call for some extra rice! This is a sure hit for those looking for something familiar but with an extra oomph!

Patorillo Caldereta

LAMB SHANK in CHILINDRON SAUCE (PHP650): Lamb is one of my favorite meats. The shank served here is soft, tender and perfectly seasoned. I know I said that already, but I can’t emphasize enough how in tune the chef is when it comes to seasoning. A must try!
Lamb Shank in Chilindron Sauce

Overall, Lolea Sangria coupled with the amazing dishes served at Bistro Madrid gave me a massive trip down memory lane. Frankly, some of the dishes I ate here can top some that I have tried in Spain itself! I will surely be back and you should try it too! Apart from the branch in Estancia Mall, they will soon be opening in Forbes Town Center in BGC.

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