Russian Wedding Traditions: Ish Meets Russia (Moscow)

I’ve decided to start a series about the different traditions or customs around the world which are very different from what we have in the Philippines. These are just little ways in which we can get to learn more about the world and the people in it. Enjoy the first entry about wedding traditions:
In Russia and in various parts of Europe, newlyweds leave padlocks in certain iconic bridges and railings in the city to secure their bond. These photos were taken in Gorky Park, Moscow.
This custom was popularized by the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. Lovers from all over the world fly to Paris to seal their everlasting love with a heavy padlock along the railings. Any couple in a relationship can do this in Paris but it seems that in Russia, they wait util they have sealed the deal by actually getting married. That probably explains why there are fewer locks in Gorky Park.

This tradition was never part of the Filipino wedding culture but the trend has been catching on. Some commercial establishments in the country have been attempting to start their own “love bridge” to attract customers. Ah, the fine line between tradition and commercialization!