Meat-Free Nugget Review: Veega and UnMeat vs. McDonald's and Purefoods

Meat-free nuggets review
Meat-free nuggets review

My friends and I have been trying to go on a health and fitness journey this year, especially with all that’s been going on due to the pandemic.

One of the things that has drawn our attention is the availability of more plant-based meat alternatives out in the market today. We have been sharing recipes and our experiences with these meat-free products so today, I compared the famous McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and frozen Purefoods Chicken Breast nuggets against meat-free nuggets by Veega and Unmeat!

I was surprised to find out that  the famous McNuggets actually don’t taste as fantastic as I always thought. It’s all mostly in the sauce!

As for the meat-free variants, UnMeat was slightly better in the sense that it was able to mask the fact that the nugget is completely plant based. Plus points that this is 100% vegan.

The Veega nuggets have a telling aftertaste that let you know that it’s a substitute but frankly, you only really notice that it you’re really looking for it. Eating this nugget with your usual dipping sauce will still give you the same satisfaction as if you were eating one from your favorite fast food chain.

Watch the video below for the comprehensive review.

Get your Veega products from Veega meat-free nuggets 200g go for  Php 115.00

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The Purefoods nuggets I got from an online seller for Php 90.00