Geonbae Modern Korean Bar & Grill Offers More Than Just The Usual Korean Barbecue

In a city that has been inundated with new unlimited Korean barbecue joints, I am always on the lookout for a place that offers more than just the usual unli-samgyupsal with a smattering of very basic banchan. I am a fan of Korean food in general so I was very pleased to see that GEONBAE  MODERN KOREAN BAR & GRILL offers the best of both worlds.

Enjoying my Geonbae feast

Not only are they offering an unlimited barbecue package that features 20 different meats, the Php649/head fee allows you to order from a massive selection of appetizers, entrees, soups, noodles and stews as well! Let’s have a look at what’s available:

Geonbae Menu
Wide selection of Korean barbecue meats

I think I can survive with the appetizers alone! You can order unlimited servings of kimbap, mandu (steamed or fried), japchae, takoyaki my favorite tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and even sashimi!

Fried and steamed mandu
Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)
Saewoo Twigim (tempura), takoyaki and mandu

Apart from the meat that you’re cooking on the grill, you can also order a variety of rice toppings, noodles and stews. Frankly, there were so many options and I had only one stomach! What a dilemma! Make sure you come with a big group so you can all grab small bites of different things!

They serve chicken, salmon and classic bibimbap as well as some ramyeon and my ultimate favorite galbi jjim. There’s also some stews like galbitang (pork rib stew). If I’m ordering all of these a la carte, my bill would go through the roof! what a deal!

Bibimbap, Noodles and Stews.

The star of the show has to be the meat. Like I said, there’s 20 kinds to choose from. I always prefer the marinated meats versus the plain ones and I was not left wanting for options here. Honestly, I just started ordering as many as I can and wolfed everything down like there’s no tomorrow.

Everything was fresh and tasty. Plus points for the charcoal grill! The smoky aroma simply can’t be beaten by an electric grill pan!


If you’re having Korean food, you should know that  there needs to be an assortment of side dishes on the table. I always go for the fish cakes before anything else. Of course, there’s kimchi and lettuce for the barbecue wraps and host of other things like anchovies, potatoes and Korean pancake.

It’s really so much more than your usual unli-Kbbq place. Find the nearest Geonbae branch and see for yourself!

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