Kusina Sea Kitchens at Hilton Manila: Filipino Favorites Cooked Fresh Dampa-Style

Have you  ever wanted to feast dampa-style but for one reason or another you’re just not comfortable heading to the market to pick out your food before having it cooked to your liking?  I’ve had this dilemma many times. First of all, I am not adept at choosing the freshest seafood. Second, when I am showing around some guests, especially foreign, it’s always slightly embarrassing to take them to our local wet markets. The smells and sights are not exactly appetizing. Frankly, many of the restaurants there are slightly sticky and smelly as well.

Thank God for KUSINA SEA KITCHENS at Hilton Manila. I’m glad I discovered that the buffet there offers the same perks as the dampa without having to go through the not-so-pleasant aspects. Let’s jump right in to the paluto section of the buffet.

Talipapa Fresh Market section

Right in the middle of the buffet spread, you’ll see the Talipapa Fresh Market section. Here, you’ll find baskets of fresh seafood. The good thing is, the staff here already does the most of the selection for you. You’ll only find the freshest crabs, squid, shrimps, salmon, mussels and other seafood. You won’t have any sneaky market vendors conning you to buy what they need to dispose of.

Kusina Sea Kitchen
Fresh Salmon Heads
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila

It’s basically dampa for dummies. Just grab a bucket, fill it with  the best seafood and hand it over to the kitchen staff to work their magic. You can tell them your preference of cooking style and flavor. I like my seafood grilled or flash fried with butter and garlic, but the staff will gladly accommodate your other requests.

Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Easy to follow paluto instructions

Another thing that I really like about KUSINA SEA KITCHENS is the fact that there’s really so much more than just the fresh seafood. I’m a huge fan of their Filipino section. The local dishes were done well, with very little tweaking. That’s exactly how I want my local dishes to be served, the way I had them while growing up.

Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Classic Lumpia Shanghai
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Filipino Kitchen
Pork Binagoongan

You’ll find the classic favorites like kare-kare, sinigang, lumpia and the like. It’s a good place to bring someone who wants to try a variety of local food.

There’s also a good spread of international dishes if you’re dining with someone who’s not too familiar nor comfortable with Filipino fare. Pizza, roasted meats, sushi and a variety of noodle dishes are on hand as safe options.

Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Pizza station
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
International Kitchen
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Steaming hot dimsum
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Chicken Feet!

My personal favorite is the dimsum station!

With this being a buffet, there’s also a customary salad bar, cheese and charcuterie selection, as well as a room full of desserts. Frankly, considering how expensive it is to eat at the dampa places nowadays, this is a great deal!

Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Salad Station
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Cheese, bread and charcuterie spread
Kusina Sea Kitchen, Hilton Manila
Part of the dessert spread

Buffet Rates:

Lunch 12noon – 2:30pm | Mon-Fri
Brunch 11:30am – 2:30pm | Sat-Sun
Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm | Mon-Thu,Sun
Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm | Fri-Sat

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