Two Seasons Boracay Review

If you’re planning a trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines, you’re probably going to be bombarded with options. The island is now inundated with hotels in almost every price range. If you have never been to the Island, it’s a bit hard to choose which one suits your needs. Here’s my full review of my recent stay at TWO SEASONS BORACAY RESORT with my girl friends.


Two Seasons Boracay is located in Station 1. This end of the beach is decidedly calmer than the other two stations. The hotels have bigger frontage so they aren’t all packed together. The hotels here are also generally higher end. Two Seasons is located right on the beach. It takes literally five seconds from the hotel to the water. You have to be careful about this since many hotels say they are 5 minutes from the beach but they are actually located quite a distance away.

Two Seasons Boracay


  • The beach is wide and it’s never too crowded in this area.
  • You can really connect with nature here. A short walk to the end of the beach takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the island.
  • It ha s a more exclusive and luxurious vibe.


  • You will have to walk a fair bit if you want to check out shops and restaurants.
  • While there are restaurants in the area, they are mostly just the ones in the hotels. Station 1 and 2 offer more dining options.

Since I was in a group of eight friends and we were not too interested in socializing with other people, station 1 was a good place for us to bond. It wasn’t too difficult to walk or take public transportation to the other side of  the island anyway. Be warned though, the main road behind the hotel row is still under construction. a good part of the trip can be very dusty.


The video above pretty much explains everything. Apart from the small pool, there really isn’t much to do inside Two Seasons Boracay.  The pool only has four lounge chairs so once those are occupied, it’s a bit hard to hang out there. There’s no pool bar either. Obviously, being at the beachfront is already great. However, since we’re reviewing, I have to point out that there’s no gym here. I didn’t notice a business center either. Some people need to squeeze in a little bit of work so a business center could be very useful.

The hotel has a famous restaurant called BarLo. The four-cheese pizza and oyster sisig are very famous. I loved the sisig but the pizza was just okay. Here’s a video of my review:


While the facilities are pretty basic, the rooms are at least very nice. The beds and linens are 5-star standard.  High thread count, stable bed frames and standard hotel spring mattresses are to be expected.

We booked a very spacious family room with a veranda. The veranda is really a very small 2sqm balcony that overlooks the pool. It lets in a lot of natural light and a place to hang our wet swimsuits but it was otherwise useless.

The small balcony in our room

The room was good for eight people and it didn’t have a dorm feel to it. We had one king bed and two queen beds in the main room. A small private room had another queen bed. No one had to sleep in pull-outs or extra beds here. It was very comfortable and spacious. There was also a small living area with a table and some chairs.

Two Seasons Boracay
The King sized bed
Two Seasons Boracay
Two queen sized beds in the main room
Two Seasons Boracay
Another queen bed in a private room
Two Seasons Boracay
Small living area with table and chairs.

The big issue with the room was the bathroom. There was only one shower and toilet. We are talking about eight women here. It was difficult to get ready in the morning and even more difficult at night. Some had to wait close to two hours before getting their turn at the shower. No one took too long but eight people in a row really -adds up. It didn’t help that water pressure was pretty bad in the late afternoon to early evening.

Two Seasons Boracay
It was a struggle with only one bathroom

The biggest disappointment: The wifi was not working. Honestly, in 2019? Every freaking  hotel needs to make sure that they have reasonably fast, working internet for all their guests!

Overall, it was a great trip. Most of it can really be attributed to the island itself but kudos to the staff at Two Seasons Hotel for the excellent service.

Note: Our room costs Php23,000/night

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