SEDA MISTO Buffet at BGC: Watch Out For This Unbeatable Deal!


Here’s your chance to take advantage of the freshly-launched breakfast and lunch buffet at MISTO restaurant located at SEDA HOTEL BGC. Until August 31, 2019, the buffet will be available for the introductory price of Php 888.00 nett. What a great deal! See my video below to catch a glimpse of the spread:

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC


The buffet has the obligatory salad bar plus a fresh bar that has pre-mixed salads in case you don’t want to make your own. There’s a good variety of fresh vegetables and fruits that have been mixed with various dressings. There is also a good selection of cold cuts, cheeses, breads and hors d’oeuvres


My favorite station in this buffet is the grill. They have a great selection of items that can be grilled right in front of you. I was personally drawn to the grilled ribs, but the stuffed squid and chicken skewers were also very tasty. There’s classic chicken barbecue and grilled fish as well. In other words, you can find something regardless of your diet restriction!

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
A variety of grilled meats from the Misto Buffet at Seda

The carving station is a big hit in any buffet. Here, they have a sinful slab of pork belly that I just kept coming back to. The meat was tender and juicy but the skin was perfectly crispy! The roast beef was also quite tender. It was closer to a medium/medium-well but the high quality meat remained juicy.

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
Roasted Pork Belly

There was a small Indian station that  had some basmati rice, naan bread and  beef rendang. There is also a vegetarian curry for those who do not eat beef. This section may be small, but I noticed how popular it is among the patrons. The naan in particular, was very popular!


Moving on to the main dishes…you have the usual staples. There’s some steamed rice and  noodles plus a creamy pumpkin soup. Then, there’s a selection of local and international dishes to choose from. The menu rotates every week so what you see here might not be available next week. during my visit, we had some pinakbet, paksiw na bangus belly, beef morcon, glazed pork belly, mussels, tempura, tinapa pasta and fried chicken among others. Once again, there’s a good selection of proteins, which would suit any preference.

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
A wide selection of dishes for your main course

A pizza bar is always a good call. If there are kids in the dining room, this is always a safe choice. The pizzas here are freshly baked and diners can even have a peek at the chefs at work. The pizza flavors are pretty straightforward. They have the usual pizza margherita, a four-cheese variety and another one topped with meat.

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
The pizza bar has a variety of freshly-baked pizzas

The laksa here is highly recommended but you can create your own noodle or soup dish. In case you’re feeling creative, There’s a selection of toppings and noodles that yo can choose from. If not, the chefs behind the counter will be more than happy to assist you.

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
Choose from various toppings and noodle varieties at the soup station.

The dessert station has a selection of fresh fruits and a colorful spread of cakes and pastries. There are some local favorites like puto and turon, but you can also find international dessert staples like cheesecake, creme brulee, sans rival and others. Always leave some room for dessert!

Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
The dessert selection is delectable!
Misto Buffet at Seda BGC
The sansrival was my favorite.


The buffet has a good selection but it lacks a Chinese station, which is one of my favorite sections in any buffet. A good dimsum section is always a plus. The Japanese selection is also lacking. Some sushi and sashimi would have been great. There isn’t a good selection of fresh seafood either. I don’t particularly mind because I am allergic, but I know that many foodies will appreciate some crabs, prawns, oysters and other similar fresh seafood options. (Note that they do have some grilled fish and squid. There are also some seafood options in the main dishes)

I am hoping that the regular price won’t be too high.

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