ALEX III Offers Celebration Trays: All Your Favorites in Potluck-Friendly Servings

If you’re looking for something impressive to bring to your next potluck or you’re just too busy to prepare for the next gathering that you’re hosting, don’t fret! ALEX III has the perfect solution for you. Their Celebration Trays and On-The-Go packages are a hassle-free way to serve the best food without having to do all the work.

Each individual tray is good enough to serve 12 people on its own. If you combine them, you can easily serve 20-30 guests. As you know, ALEX III serves comfort food at its finest. All the food you’ve grown up eating at numerous milestones and special occasions can be ordered here. It’s all the usual fare, but done really well. It’s anything but ordinary.

Alex III Party trays
Alex III On-the-go Celebration Package 1

On-The-Go Celebration Package 1: Php4,500

  • Chicken Barbecue
  • Lengua with Mushroom Gravy
  • Lapu-Lapu Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Fresh Lumpia Ubud
  • 4 Bottles of Pepsi (1.5L), disposable utensils, paper plates and napkins

If we’re talking about ALEX III, we really can’t skip their classic CHICKEN BARBECUE (Php1,000 per tray) . This sweet, tangy recipe brings back memories of my childhood. It’s about time to share it with the next generation! The smoky, sweet flavor really seeps into the tender meat. It’s very different from American-style roasted chicken. a true Filipino classic.

Alex III
Alex III Chicken Barbecue Tray

LENGUA (Php1,700 per tray) is a dish I love but have a hard time making at home. Luckily, it’s so easy to order from ALEX III. Thick but tender slices of ox tongue are bathed in a rich, creamy mushroom gravy. I’m trying to avoid rice, but I can’t resist it if I have lengua on my plate.

Alex III
Lengua with Mushroom Gravy


The LAPU-LAPU FILLET with SWEET and SOUR SAUCE (Php1,500 per tray) is yet another party buffet constant. Remember this dish from the last wedding you went to? Like I said, ALEX III gives you all your “usual” handaan foods but they do it really well. They take what’s ordinary to a higher level. The sweet and sour dish was a big hit with my foodie friends. The breading was not too heavy and the fillets remained crispy despite being bathed in all the sticky citrus sauce.

Alex III
Alex III Lapu-Lapu Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce

FRESH LUMPIA UBUD (Php760 per tray: 12 pcs.) is another dish I love but don’t really have the patience to make myself. I love the thick, sweet sauce combined with the sharp flavor of minced raw garlic. Perfect for a merienda gathering!

Fresh Lumpia Ubud

Order them all as a package and save more than Php600!

On-The-Go Celebration Package 2: Php3,500

  • Boneless Chicken Barbecue Strips
  • Pinakbet sa Bagnet
  • Pancit Canton OR Sotanghon Guisado
  • 4 bottles of Pepsi (1.5L), disposable utensils, paper plates and napkins

I personally prefer BONELESS CHICKEN BARBECUE STRIPS (Php1,600 per tray) because they are easier to eat. Children can easily manage the strips of chicken thigh marinated in the same classic ALEX III barbecue flavor. When it comes to gatherings, the less supervision the kids need, the easier it is for the adults to enjoy.

Alex III
Boneless Chicken Barbecue Strips

The PINAKBET sa BAGNET (Php1,500 per tray) should really be called Bagnet with Pinakbet on the side. Each tray is topped with generous servings of the crispy, deep-fried Ilocos specialty. While the chicken barbecue will be a sure hit for the children, this is probably a more adult-friendly dish. The bitter melons (ampalaya) are definitely an acquired taste.

Alex III
Pinakbet sa Bagnet

At first glance, I wasn’t able to recognize the PANCIT CANTON tray (Php1,050 per tray). The toppings were abundant and I wasn’t able to see the noodles right away. The pancit was very saucy and soft. Another one that the kids will surely enjoy. it’s very different from some versions of pancit canton which are oily and stir-fried. This one is swimming in a thick gravy that reminds me of my favorite lomi.

Alex III
Pancit Canton

Order this package and save over Php500!

All Celebration Trays are available for pick-up at any ALEX III branch. Please order two days in advance for a hassle-free party experience. If you’re looking to dine-in or order something else, visit a branch near you. You can also check out their full menu on Zomato:
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