Enjoy Visa-Free Entry To Korea Via Jeju Island!


Did you know that Filipinos can enter Jeju Island in South Korea without a visa? If you fly directly to the island without having to stop anywhere in the mainland, you can skip the tedious visa process!

Being a Filipino passport holder, I know that it’s a major pain in the backside to travel. We need a visa to enter almost any country outside of Southeast Asia. Luckily, many countries have relaxed their visa policies over the past several years and more Filipinos are able to travel to exotic locations.


Due to the booming popularity of K-pop and K-dramas all over the world, South Korea has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Filipinos have also been swept up by the Korean storm. So many of us want to visit the country just to be able to visit the locations that we see on TV and of course, to try authentic Korean food!

Jeju Island is a popular vacation spot both for Koreans and foreigners alike. With the visa-free entry policy, this is where your K-drama dreams can easily come true!


In the video above, I take you to a day tour around Jeju Island. This is just the first of many days we spent there. It basically gives you an overview of what to expect on the island.

1. enjoy the sweeping landscape

You can rent a vespa to explore the island on your own
There are breathtaking views all over the island.
The foliage is spectacular any time of year.

The tropical vibe of Jeju Island is definitely different from the rest of South Korea. The cliffs, beaches and foliage are a joy to explore if you are looking for a break outside of city life.


The Mysterious Road

Our first stop on our day tour was a place called Mysterious Road. This is a 100m stretch of road that fascinates tourists. The guide drives downhill first and then turns around. On the way up, he turns off the engine. The car mysteriously rolls up the hill to the astonishment of the passengers. You can see us try it in the video but the slope is hard to see. It is definitely something you must experience yourself.


This is a botanical garden that features numerous flowers in season. The Camellia blooms only in the winter but there are many other plant varieties and flowers to be enjoyed.

There is also a greenhouse inside. This ensures that there are a lot of beautiful plants and flowers to enjoy year-round.

4. CheonJEyeon falls

If you’re a nature lover, the Cheonjeyeon Falls are a must-see. I have been to a lot of waterfalls in the Philippines and abroad, but the emerald-green and aqua-blue hues here are hard to match!

There’s a short hike to get to the falls but all the paths are paved or reinforced with wooden decks. It should not be too much of a problem for any healthy individual to navigate.

5. dragonhead coast

Over at the dragonhead coast, we were able to enjoy even more amazing views of the Jeju island coastline. Here, we were also able to observe some Haenyeo in action. These deep-sea women divers are an intangible Korean heritage.

Haenyeo Statue

These women uphold a tradition of iron-willed independent divers who are the foundation of a semi-matriarchal society in Jeju island.



Another pride of Jeju island is their tea. If you like matcha, then you must come to Jeju. O’sulloc Tea Museum gives insights on the process of growing, harvesting and making tea. There is also a tea plantation on-site if you want to get up close and personal to this amazing plant.

O’sulloc Tea Plantation

Of course, a visit to O’Sulloc Tea Museum isn’t complete without sampling some treats from the shop that they have on-site.

Matcha Spread
Matcha Ice Cream

Watch the video above to see how much we enjoyed a full day tour of Jeju Island. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on other places to visit in Jeju Island and my upcoming review of the famous Jeju Black Pork!

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