Nami Island, Korea: Winter Sonata Filming Location

I must admit, when I visited South Korea for the first time, I was a little late  in the game on the K-drama craze. I had seen a few films but not much else. While in the country, I had Nami Island on the agenda. I found out that its “claim to fame” is being seen in the drama titled “Winter Sonata“.

The Ferry Station heading to Nami is playfully turned into a fake immigration entrypoint to “Naminara Republic”

Admittedly, I thought most of the drama filmed in Nami Island. Apparently, the main characters only had a few dates there. I eventually watched it and I found how sorely mistaken I was.

This coffee shop is really milking the Winter Sonata fame. The drama title on the facade is bigger than the shop’s name!

The coffee shop found at the port before riding the ferry to Nami also has a huge sign saying “Winter Sonata”. I though it was a big filming location but it turns out that it wasn’t. Haha. My apologies for the total lack of research.

These snowmen played a significant part in the main characters’ love story in “Winter Sonata.”

Nevertheless, Nami is a wonderful location to visit in spring and autumn. The foliage is spectacular. Expect a lot of walking as you stroll along the tree-lined avenues. Like in the drama, bikes are also available for rent.

Nami is a good place to enjoy the cherry blossom season

If you want to come in Winter to get the “Winter Sonata” feels, just make sure to check the forecast. If it had been snowing, the place will look magical. Otherwise, the landscape will look quite bare after the trees shed their leaves.

There is a monument based on the main characters of Winter Sonata.

The lake looks magical and there is also a pond in the island. There are beautiful tree-lined avenues and lots of wildlife to enjoy. There is also a coffee shop and a few food stalls where you can buy some snacks.

The benches by the lake are great for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.
Apart from several exotic birds, we saw this little guy and had fun interacting with him.
There are various sculptures and installations all over the island.
This tree-lined avenue is another famous spot from the drama.

Either way, this is a good day trip option if you’re visiting Seoul. Watch the video to see what we did there.

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