Visit the N Seoul Tower (Namsan) in Seoul, Korea: Ish Meets World Vlog S01E02

My friends and I took the bus from Incheon to downtown Seoul on our first full day in Korea. The first destination on our itinerary is the famous N Seoul Tower. Also known as the Namsan tower, this landmark is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the city.

N Seoul Tower

Located in the heart of Seoul and on top of a hill, one needs to take a cable car to get to the tower’s base. Once on top of the hill, there is an option to pay extra to go up the actual tower. We decided to skip that since the views from the hilltop were already quite amazing.

There are several observation decks on the hilltop where one can enjoy sweeping views of Seoul. There are also numerous Instagram worthy spots up there. The railings all around the decks have been converted into endless rows of love locks. Couples from around the world have adorned all the railings with colorful padlocks that symbolize their unbreakable and never-ending love.

As expected, there are souvenir shops and a few stores that are selling refreshments and snacks for hungry tourists. Be warned that it can get windy up there. During colder months, make sure that you bundle up!

If you are a K-drama fan, you will surely recognize this tower from many popular shows that have filmed in Seoul. This is definitely worth a quick trip on your next visit to Seoul.