Va Bene Pasta Deli Offers Business Lunch Promo

If you live or work in Makati or BGC, you’re in for a treat! Award-winning restaurant Va Bene Pasta Deli is now offering a BUSINESS LUNCH MENU that will surely brighten up the monotony of your usual week-day meal.

business lunch

1 Dish = Php299+
1 Appetizer+1 Main Dish = Php499+
1 Dish+1 glass of wine = Php499+



There are three appetizers to choose from. It’s a limited menu but  they cover all the bases. The soup-salad-bread trifecta is complete. In fact, I can tuck into all three and call it a complete meal!

BRUSCHETTA: roasted eggplant, stracciatella cheese, basil, Grana Padano

The crusty slices of bread are toasted to perfection and topped with a medley of quintessential Italian ingredients. If you have a small appetite, this appetizer might fill you up enough to count as a meal in itself. The eggplant is roasted until tender and the rich cheeses and basil give it the signature Italian touch.

INSALATA: mixed lettuce, arugula, mangoes, Parma ham, blue cheese, balsamic dressing

Sweet Philippine mangoes work really well with salty Parma ham. Peppery arugula and tart balsamic dressing makes this salad a medley of flavors bursting in your mouth. Add the strong flavors of blue cheese and everything just starts dancing on the palate.

ZUPPA: tomato soup, mozzarella cheese, quadrucci pasta, basil pesto

The soup is so hearty, I literally wanted to pour it over some spaghetti noodles and use it as a sauce. The rich flavors were so intense that it feels like it was simmering all day. Very satisfying and complex.


main course

Main Course Options

If you’re visiting Va Bene Pasta Deli, it will be sacrilege to skip the pasta. Their fresh pasta is their pride and joy. The restaurant has been recognized by numerous culinary magazines and reviewers for the fresh pasta dishes. Owner and Head Chef Massimo Veronesi takes pride in his authentic dishes which can really make you feel like you’re dining in a humble family-run Trattoria back in Italy. Lucky for us, we can have a real taste of Italy in the heart of Metro Manila.

GNOCCHI: Bolognese, parmesan fondue, fresh grated parmesan cheese

These soft pillows of potato-based dumplings are a Roman classic. This dish has only recently become popular in the Philippines and Va Bene is certainly one of the best places to have it. The meaty Bolognese holds its own against the soft, creamy gnocchi. The familiar flavors of the sauce appears in a different form that levels up from your usual spaghetti bolognese.

SALMON TORTELLINI: bacon, vodka tomato cream sauce

Stuffed pasta has become a staple in many Italian restaurants in the country. I hardly ever order it because the servings are usually disappointing. I was so happy to see that the tortellini at Va Bene are hefty and filled generously. The salmon filling is flavorful and abundant. Each tortellini is a perfect package of thinly-rolled fresh pasta that is only made more amazing by the simple yet full-bodied vodka cream sauce.

BLACK INK PAPPARDELLE: extra virgin olive oil, anchovies, garlic, zucchini, octopus, clams

This dish reminds me of a vongole except five times more fabulous. The black ink pasta shares a depth of flavor that we couldn’t exactly pinpoint.  In addition to the usual Manila clams in a vongole, this dish also features large chunks of tender and juicy octopus. Only a really skilled chef can prepare a soft, juicy octopus and Chef Massimo Veronesi is a real master of his craft.

CHICKEN MILANESE: roasted potatoes, mixed lettuce

If for some reason you’re not feeling like having pasta, there is an option for you. The Chicken Milanese is by no means a lesser option either. I came here expecting great things from the pasta but this dish blew me away. The tender pieces of chicken really melts in your mouth.

Overall, it’s an outstanding menu. come visit any of their two branches (Petron Arnaiz St. or Central Square BGC). The Business Lunch Menu is available Monday-Friday from 11:30-14:00.

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