Crystal Jade Launches Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu

Crystal Jade Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon! Also popularly known as the Mooncake Festival, this Chinese tradition has been embraced all over the world regardless of location or ethnicity. Luckily, popular food empire Crystal Jade is offering a set menu for anyone who wishes to partake in the celebration.

Here’s a quick look at the inclusions of their Mid-Autumn Festival set:

Roasted Peking Duck

The Roasted Peking Duck is without doubt, the star of the table. The luscious, crispy duck has skin that glistens as if covered in lacquer. It is carved table-side and served in the traditional way: wrapped in a thin pancake with hoisin sauce and fresh greens.

The fat has been rendered out beautifully. All that remains is a layer of flavorful meat and and a thin, crispy skin that is decadent and rich. Perfect for a celebration.

Chilled Crab served in Teochew Style

For some people, the crab will take precedence over the duck. Why not? It is really a matter of preference. Luckily, this set menu does not require diners to choose since they are both included. The simple preparation of this dish allows the natural sweetness and flavors of the crab to shine.

Whelk Soup

The Whelk Soup brings heat to the stomach and further whets the appetite. The light broth does not overpower the subtle flavors of the matsutake mushrooms and fresh vegetables.

Deep Fried Pork Rib served with Seasonal Fruits

Each person on the table gets a perfectly deep fried pork rib that is topped with a generous amount of crispy garlic. The rib is tender, meaty and deliciously savory. The richness goes well with the sweet and tart fruits. My only regret is that I got only one!

Stuffed Crab Claws in Special Mushroom Sauce

This hefty crab claw is any seafood lover’s delight. Crab meat is seasoned and wrapped with a layer of mushrooms not very different from what you would find in a beef wellington. A hint of truffle hits the palate and you know you are eating one of the most luxurious meals you’ve ever had.

Stewed Eel with Beancurd Skin served in casserole

Eel is an acquired taste. It has a very distinct flavor that’s different from fish or shellfish. If you are one of those people who like eel, this is a big treat. The meaty chunks of eel and beancurd skin are bathed in a rich sauce that is sweet and savory. I’m personally a fan of eel served in Japanese meals so I was very glad to taste this Chinese iteration.

Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu

All the viands are served with a bowl of Fried Rice with Diced Chicken & Minced Garlic. The rice is actually a meal in itself! Aromatic and flavorful, the rice alone is very enjoyable. The meal is capped off with mini Mooncakes served to everyone at the table. The cakes are the perfect traditional ending to this themed meal. The sweet filling goes well with the slightly salty egg yolk. If you’re a fan of Mooncakes, they also offer gift boxes for your loved ones:

Crystal Jade Mookcake Classics: 2 pcs. White Lotus Plain, 2 pcs. Double egg Yolk, dice game instruction pouch all in a luxurious box and bag. (Php 2,088)

While the actual festival is on September 24, this set menu is available from Sept. 10-Oct. 30 2018. The set menu starts at P13,800++ good for 6 persons.

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