The Noodle Studio Takes You Around The World Through your Plate

I’ve been travelling a lot these past few months so I haven’t gotten around to posting much. Before I get back to the latest travel updates, I wanted to share my amazing experience at THE NOODLE STUDIO in Ayala Malls the 30th.

Sumptuous spread from The Noodle Studio

Let me begin by saying that despite the name, THE NOODLE STUDIO actually  serves much more than just noodle dishes. The appetizers that we had were all delicious and good enough to share between 3-4 people.

My personal favorites were the Vietnamese Spring Rolls. These were so big! I could have half the serving as a weekday lunch just by itself. The ingredients were fresh and they didn’t scrimp on the filling.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Php338

If you’re looking for something closer to our traditional “Lumpiang Shanghai,” you can always order the FRIED SISIG ROLLS. Yes. Sisig. Deep fried in lumpia wrapper. No need to explain further…just go and get some.

Fried Sisig Rolls Php238

If you want more sisig goodness, you can also have the sisig pockets. Why the heck not, right?

Sisig Pockets Php238

A crowd favorite among the appetizers were the FRIED SALMON POUCHES. These resembled wontons but were served with a fiery sauce that just keeps you asking for more.

Fried Salmon Pouches Php288

Moving on from the appetizers, let’s get down to the business end of things. This place is called THE NOODLE STUDIO after all. Luckily, we were a big group so we managed to try a wide selection of noodle dishes.

We kicked things off with the classic Pinoy Pancit Canton. Here, their version is called CLAIRE’S PANCIT CANTON. It was named after the recipe of the owner’s mom, singer Claire dela Fuente. They described it as a fresh and elevated version of the wildly popular Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton. We all know how sinfully addictive that is (even if we don’t want to admit it). Luckily, here’s a fresh, healthier alternative:

Claire’s Pancit Canton Php298

Another noodle dish that has quickly gained popularity thanks to the instant version, is the MIE GORENG from Indonesia. This spicy, noodle dish is quickly becoming a Filipino favorite. If you haven’t had it before, try the version here to find out why it’s so well-loved.

Mie Goreng Php288

If you want your flavors to venture outside the country, you can visit our neighbors from Thailand. One of the most famous noodle dishes the world over, the PAD THAI, also has a home in this menu. The egg netting gives an extra visual flair:

Pad Thai Php378

Further up north, one can also have a taste of Japan through the YAKISOBA. As far as the noodle dishes go, they chose to only serve yakisoba from the Land of the Rising Sun. In a way, I’m glad they opted out of serving ramen because that is a very precise art. It requires every bit of a kitchen’s expertise to serve even the simplest ramen. Nevertheless, with all the options here, a bowl of Ramen isn’t missed.

Yakisoba Php388

If you’re hankering for some soup and there’s no ramen, don’t fret! THE NOODLE STUDIO offers the classic Taiwanese BEEF BRISKET NOODLES. There’s also a rich, creamy MALAYSIAN CURRY LAKSA:

Malaysian Curry Laksa Php 428
Beef Brisket Noodles Php408

Since we’re in the Philippines, someone in the group is bound to look for rice. Don’t worry, they’ve got that covered as well:

Bagoong Fried Rice Php348
Beef Rendang Php428
Thai Green Chicken Curry Php388
Soy Ginger Glazed Norwegian Pink Salmon Php398

After your main meal, I hope you’re sensible enough to leave room for dessert. We truly enjoyed the little throwback provided by the FRIED HANSEL BISCUITS that can only be found here.

Hotcake Hansel Biscuits Php168

For something more traditional, there’s a MODIFIED TURON. The humble plantain roll is enhanced with langka (jackfruit), vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Modified Turon Php 198

Overall, I give this place a 5/5 rating. It does not hurt that the interior is impeccable designed and spacious as well. Do yourself a favor and drop by for a noodle fix.

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