Octoboy Goes Beyond the Humble Takoyaki: See The Expanded Menu!

I used to frequent the OCTOBOY stall in Eastwood because it was the only place in the Metro that could satisfy my takoyaki cravings outside of Little Tokyo. Sure, there were a few stalls in some malls, but those were filled with nothing more than cabbage and carrots. They even use sweet and sour sauce. ugh.

OCTOBOY made a legit takoyaki experience more accessible. They used real takoyaki sauce and actual OCTOPUS (Tako) pieces! You even have the option of topping your snack with bonito flakes. yum!

Fast forward several years. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the small Octoboy restaurant in Tomas Morato has expanded both the physical store and the menu. The brand has gone quite a long way from the humble food stall. It is now a tastefully decorated restaurant that appears to be able to seat about 100 diners.

Naturally, I could not wait to get my hands on some takoyaki. I started off with the basic octopus-filled balls topped with bonito flakes. The prices have noticeably gone up (from Php120 to Php165) but I guess that’s to be expected. After all, This isn’t a food stall anymore.

The familiar flavors found on the streets of Osaka greeted me with every bite. The takoyaki were perfectly brown and almost crispy on the outside while the insides were soft and almost creamy. Our group also had the shrimp-filled ones as well as the bacon and cheese. My only complaint is that they seemed to have cooked the bacon ones on the same mold as the shrimp. I am allergic to shrimps so I could taste it and even smell it from a mile away.

Octopus filling
Bacon/Cheese and Shrimp filling

Apart from the usual takoyaki, they also served a giant version called BAKUDANYAKI. I really enjoyed this one because of the crispy shell. The meat-filled giant takoyaki was sweet, savory and most definitely satisfying.

Moving on from the takoyaki, the restaurant also serves a variety of sashimi ang maki sushi rolls. Simply put, the menu now includes many of the familiar Japanese favorites that we have gotten used to. It isn’t just a street food stall anymore. You can come in for a full-fledged Japanese dining experience.

They also have a selection of KUSHIYAKI or skewered, grilled meats and vegetables. The most famous kind, the yakitori (chicken), is joined by a wide array of other options. I enjoyed the chicken livers wrapped bacon as well as the succulent salmon belly skewers.

The sweet ponzu glaze really tickles the palate. I had to restrain myself from ordering a cup of white Japanese rice. If you have a hankering for tempura, you can also go beyond the usual battered Ebi. We tried these amazingly fresh and tender scallop tempura to change things up.

Speaking of deviating from the norm, the stars of the meal were a couple of dishes that you won’t typically order in a Japanese menu. We enjoyed the tender Angus Ribeye steak as well as an interesting rice dish topped with salmon and gratinated cheese (which we thought was some kind of pasta at first). The Baked Seafood Doria is definitely a must-try:

Overall, it was a superb 5/5 dining experience. It’s a nice place to satisfy your cravings for some Japanese grub all in one stop. They also have a selection of noodles, which I plan to try the next time I come. See you there!
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