ULI COFFEE BEER Marries Two Well-Loved Beverages in One!

Coffee and beer are two of my favorite beverages. I usually have them at least once a day but usually several hours apart. Imagine my delight when I heard about the launch of ULI COFFEE BEER at The Brewery at The Palace. The event took place on January 10, 2018 amid much fanfare from the local food and beverage community.

A pairing between these two well-loved beverages isn’t entirely new. Nevertheless, a new iteration of the coffee+beer concept is always welcome to enter the increasingly diverse Philippine market.

I was handed a glass almost as soon as I arrived and before I tell you more about the background of ULI COFFEE BEER, let me tell you how it tastes. Upon the initial approach of the glass against my lips, the woodsy aroma was very noticeable.

ULI Coffee Beer

There was an almost whiskey-like oak taste that undoubtedly comes from the infusion of the coffee beans. Because both coffee and beer have a naturally bitter undertone, this lager comes with a certain machismo. It tastes heavier than it looks. The cloudy golden beer tastes almost like a stout to me. This is a great drink for those who like their beer full-bodied and flavorful. (5.5% alc.)

The excited Food and Beverage community sampling Uli Coffee Beer

ULI COFFEE  BEER was born through the partnership between HINELEBAN COFFEE of Ms. Renee Araneta Perrine and Feastbev Inc. of Mr. Rajesh Sadhwani. With the full support of the partners at The Brewery at The Palace, the restaurant’s own microbrewery gave birth to this concoction.

Ms. Renee Araneta Perrine talks about Hineleban Coffee.

Ms. Araneta-Perrine spoke extensively about the Hineleban Foundation, a family venture that is based in Bukidnon. She and her husband formed a mutually beneficial partnership with indigenous farmers in the province. The farmers previously lived hand-to-mouth due to limited resources and ability to easily reach a wide market for their produce.

Ms. Araneta-Perrine’s business savvy and her husband’s inclination towards environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming gave the local farmers an express connection to the market. Eliminating all middle men, the farmers now receive a much bigger compensation for the coffee cherries that they harvest.

The Hineleban Foundation purchases and processes the raw cherries into coffee beans fit for commercial sale. However, they didn’t stop there. Apart from just producing their own specialty coffee, they decided to arrange a marriage between their baby and the craft beers that are locally produced in the micro brewery at The Brewery.

Feastbev, Inc. President Raj Sadhwani and The Brewery at the Palace Partner
Stephen Ku officially lead the toast of the launch of ULI Coffee beer, a
collaborative effort between The Brewery at the Palace and the Hineleban

If the idea of having coffee and beer together does not excite you enough, I should also add that you will also be personally helping indigenous farmers and the environment with every glass you drink.

For every ULI Coffee Beer sold (Priced at Php 120 + SC per 300 ml glass), The Brewery at the Palace will donate Php 25 to the Hineleban Foundation. The Hineleban Group helps support Indigenous People’s communities as well as the reforestation efforts of Mindanao’s mountain ranges.

ULI COFFEE BEER is now available at The Brewery located at The Palace, Bonifacio Global City.

Uli Coffee Beer and Hineleban Coffee

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