Christmas Gift Ideas: Ersao Makes It Easy To Send Happiness In Dumpling Form!

It’s that time of the year again and we all know what that means. Every year, we think of unique ways to bring a smile to the homes of the people we care about. ERSAO Taiwanese Restaurant has a Christmas Promo that your foodie friends and family will surely appreciate.

Grab your favorite FROZEN DELIGHTS or MICROWAVABLE PACKS from ERSAO branches. Add PHP200.00 to each purchase of PHP600.00 worth of products and you’ll get a thermal bag (can contain 3 frozen packs) and a 500ml bottle of their Special Garlic Sauce.

I can’t think of anyone who won’t be overjoyed to receive a thermal bag full of frozen Taiwanese treats from ERSAO! My favorite menu item would have to be their dumplings. Whenever I dine in, I always make sure that I grab a serving of their soy-bathe dumplings. Each meaty bite is bathed in a light soy sauce before making its way into my mouth. Yum!

Soy Bathe Dumplings Php160.00

When I’m not feeling like having a heavy meal, I choose to go for Ersao’s Taiwanese street snacks. The Spicy Chicken is their best seller, but  they also have Chili Squid with peanuts  and a variety of meat, fish and squid balls served as “Bola Bola Troops.” Perfetly seasoned with pepper and chili powder, these snacks bring me back to Shi Lin Night Market!

From Top: Bola Bola Trooops, Chili Squid and Peanuts, Spicy Chicken

When I’m looking for a more hearty meal, I usually choose between their Signature Beef Noodles or Seafood Milk Noodles.

Seafood Milk Noodles Php280

The milk noodles remind me of the Filipino sopas. This one though, has a generous mix of seafood which gives it a unique flavor.

The signature noodles however, have a rich, beef base accentuated by the heady aroma of chinese five spice.

Signature Beef Noodles Php290

For those who are looking for some rice, there’s the trusty Pork Chao Fan. Otherwise, you can go for Chinese-style stewed liempo called Hong Ma. This tender slab of meat served with steamed rice is a quick and satisfying meal that I always come back to.

Hong Ma Php170.00
Pork Chao Fan Php140

Of course, what’s a Taiwanese meal without some bubble tea? that’s my go-to drink but Ersao has a wide selection of teas, shakes and juices to choose from.

Drink Selection

Luckily, Ersao offers their products both frozen and in ready-to-microwave packs. I’m ready to stock up for some lazy holiday nights at home. Are you?

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