Palawan Waterpark by Astoria with Ish Meets World

My sister and I spent an afternoon checking out the Palawan Waterpark in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. The park is operated by the Astoria Resort, which happened to be where we were staying.

The beachfront area of the actual resort is currently being cleaned and maintained (they call it a beach nourishment project) so we can’t really swim there. Because of this, hotel guests get access only to the infinity pool at the hotel and a free one-day pass to the Palawan Waterpark.

This was a great treat since Astoria is located at least an hour away form the city and the port from which one can go island hopping. Because of this, it was a good thing that there was something to do in the complex.

We just called for the free shuttle which took us to the park. There weren’t that any people because it had been raining a lot during the week. That’s a good thing for me since I wanted to enjoy the park without having to jostle for position with other tourists.

In any case, the park was fairly big. Groups can rent cabanas where they can keep their stuff and adults can stay while the kids go around to play

SURF’S UP POOL: The park’s main pool is pretty big. It is only 5 feet deep on the deepest end so it’s fairly safe. At certain intervals during the day, it turns into a wave pool.

GIANT SLIDES: There are three slides that go straight (Velocity Aqua Slides) and two longer slides that go around in circles (Vortex Slides). Young adults spice up their stay at the park with a bit of an adrenaline rush here. All the slides send you straight into the Surf’s Up Pool.

MARINE SANCTUARY SPLASH PAD: A series of fountains amid sculptures of a blue whale, dugong, jellyfish and Palawan crocodiles. A great place to run around with toddlers!


Crocodile Fountain

ST. PAUL RIVER RIDE: The lazy river is where you want to be if you just want to chill out while floating around on a big life saver with a friend. It circles around the entire Surf’s Up Pool.

Lazy River

TUMBLNG BUCKETS KID’S ZONE: There’s a mini playground with smaller slides and tunnels where kids can splash around and play. Another popular part of the park.

Kid’s Zone

Overall,, it was a lot of fun. It would be better with a big group of kids since it’s really designed for children. Nevertheless the giant pool is also a good place for adults to hang out.

Their entrance fee includes light snacks or an option to go for a full buffet lunch so you can spend the whole day here.

Weekday Rates with light snacks: Adults P600, Children P500

Weekend Rates with light snacks: Adults P700, Children P550

Rates with Buffet lunch: Adults P800, Children P650