Mesa Filipino Moderne: Amazing Family Set Meal at 30% Off!

Mesa has a great deal for Citibank card holders this month. My friends and I decided to grab the opportunity to try out the Citi exclusive 30% off deal on their Family Set Meal. From an original value of Php2,500, the set can be availed for only Php1750 until Sept. 30.

Family Set Meal Php1,750

The Family Set Meal (good for 4) includes:
1 Boneless Crispy Pata
2. Sinigang na Hipon
3. Adobo Flakes Rice
4. Baked Scallops
5. Laing Two Ways
6. Steamed Okra
7. Ensladang Mangga
8. Mango Pannacotta
9. 4 glasses of iced tea

The crispy pata as expected, was superb! Because it was boneless, the serving was full of crispy skin and jucy, tender meat. This is unlike some places where you get served with what looks like a large portion only to end up with lots and lots of bones.

Boneless Crispy Pata

The sinigang, a Filipino classic, was spot on. I’m not certain if all servings have at least 4 shrimps. I hope they make sure of this since it’s a meal good for 4. We don’t want to wrestle over the shrimps. hehe

Shrimp Sinigang

No Filipino meal would be complete without rice. the adobo flakes rice that was served to us was a nice take on the usual sinangag fried rice that’s become a staple in every household.

Adobo Flakes Rice, Boneless Crispy Pata, Steamed Okra with tamarind sauce.

The laing, which was served two ways was tasty. However, I wasn’t really sure how serving it two ways helped the dish. One was fairly dry and the other has more sauce. They tasted the same to me but I’m sure some people have a preference.

The steamed okra was a nice, fresh addition. Alongside the ensaladang mangga, the vegetables were a great way to cut the richness of the crispy pata and adobo rice.

The big let-down for me was the scallops. Instead of using one whole scallop per shell then topping it with garlic, cheese and whatever else they put in it, they decided to cut up the scallop meat. They cooked the cut up meat with the rest of the ingredients and returned it to the shell. Unfortunately, each shell ended up with two tiny pieces of the quartered scallops. It looks good on the platter but once you start eating it, you’ll realize how little of the scallop meat you are actually getting. 🙁

Full platter of scallops
Actual amount of scallop meat in each shell 🙁

Overall, it was a satisfactory meal. Paired with the discount, I would not mind having it again!

Citibank Promo

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