Royal Grand Palace Bangkok Photo Tour: Ish Meets Thailand

The Grand Palace complex in Bangkok, Thailand is an assault on the senses. The colors, textures and sea of humanity provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are some of my favorite photos from my latest visit:

First view of the Royal Grand Palace complex
The wall murals really come to life
The walls show off architecture that rivals the actual buildings on site
Tourists swarm through the majestic buildings
Sentinels guarding the gates
Visitors admire the temple of the Emerald Buddha

Golden Stupa

Golden statuettes are displayed all over the complex

Interesting samples of Thai Architecture

Massive variation of Architectural styles inside the Grand Palace Complex.

If you want to read all about the details of our Royal Grand Palace and Bangkok Temple tour, click the link below:

Royal Grand Palace and Bangkok Temple Tour: Ish Meets Thailand