Millie's All Day Dining (Microtel UP Technohub): Ish Eats Manila

The UP Ayala Technohub continues to sprout new dining options. Apart from the restaurants that surround the main plaza of the commercial area, an obscure joint called Millie’s All Day Dining sits quietly at the ground floor of the Microtel building located near the former Asian Institute of Management.

The new hotel is catered entirely by Millie’s but not many people know that walk-in guests can enjoy the food as well. We were lucky enough to be invited to sample the restaurant’s Lenten specials and some of their bestsellers.

We started our meal with nothing less than a fresh Burrata Caprese Salad. I immediately inquired about the cheese and Executive Chef Gino Santayana shared that they imported their burrata straight from Italy.

Burrata Caprese (Php550.00)

You can immediately taste the quality of the cheese, The soft outer layer of mozzarella explodes to reveal a rich creamy center. The classic Caprese combination of tomatoes and basil was present although I personally would have liked a touch more basil. A drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar completed the dish.

Next on the menu was a hearty pumpkin soup. the richness of the soup was complimented by a generous slug of extra virgin olive oil and herb toasted croutons.

Pumpkin Soup (Php190.00)

The salad and the soup combination alone was enough to comprise a satisfying lunch. However, no one said we should stop now, right? I’m glad we didn’t because half a slab of sticky baby back ribs arrived next.

Baby Back Ribs (Php550.00)

This comes with a classic ranch dressing and a choice of coleslaw, rice or potatoes. This dish is apparently one of their best sellers and we had to try it even if we were supposed to be trying the no-meat Lenten specials (sorry Jesus). I don’t repent. Sorry…my hips shall suffer the consequences.

Since we are having meat already, we went ahead and sampled Millie’s version of Hainanese Chicken Rice. The serving is good enough to share. The tender chicken lies on a bed of rice cooked in a the flavorful broth which was used to boil the chicken. The same broth is also served on the side in case you want more. The customary ginger, sambal and kecap manis trio comes with each serving.

Hainanese Chicken (Php350.00)

After the chicken, we went back on track with the Lenten theme. A plate of Pan Fried Salmon came back-to-back with Tropical Grilled Marlin.

Pan Fried Salmon (Php630.00)

The salmon was complimented with the classic capers and lemon combination. The marlin however, featured a mango salsa that showed off the best Philippine mangoes at the peak of their ripeness.

Tropical Grilled Marlin (Php475.00)

A Seafood Marinara Pasta was served next. The al dente liguini embraces fresh prawns, clams and mussels that all lend their flavor to the marinara sauce.

Seafood Marinara (Php310.00)

At this point, we were full to the brim. However, we all know that there’s always room for dessert. We tried out the Mango Panna Cotta and a selection of artisanal gelatos. The Siling Labuyo with Orange Swits candy was a big hit.

Mango Panna Cotta (Php195.00)
Artisan Gelato (Php220.00) Clockwise from top Chocnut and Flat Tops, Siling Labuyo and Orange Swits, Straciatella and Vanilla.

Before I forget, the shakes that we were served at the start of the meal could be considered desserts in themselves. The decadent summer shakes were rich and indulgent. I know that hardly speaks about the essence of Lent but just look at these shakes!

Mango Graham (Php160.00)
Chunky Monkey (Php160.00)

Because this is a hotel restaurant, the menu carries a mix of cuisines from all over the world. The menu thoughtfully considers the demands of international guests. However, an ample selection of local favorites can also be enjoyed.

Apparently, the dishes are inspired by the travels of Ms. Millie Del Rosario, the mother of Microtel’s President. Mother knows best after all. I was tempted to use the word classic to describe every single dish because that’s simply what this place offers: classic comfort food.

There won’t be any crazy fusion dishes or imaginative new concepts but for a weary traveller or just someone who wants a good, reliable dish that’s exactly what you expect, this is the place to get it.

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