Enjoying Tulips at the Madrid Botanical Garden: Ish Meets Spain

Spring is my favorite season to travel. The crisp cold air is a welcome change from the scorching heat of Manila. However, it’s not unbearably cold like winter. The big bonus is the amazing scenery offered by the springtime blooms.

While viewing cherry blossoms in Japan is the trendiest springtime activity in recent years, many other places offer other fascinating ways to enjoy the season.

The Dutch Tulip fields are perhaps some of the most popular tourist attractions in spring. However, did you know that Holland isn’t the only place where you can enjoy tulips?

I was lucky enough to discover an enchanting tulip grove right in the heart of Madrid. The Madrid Botanical Garden (Real Jardin Botanico) is home to several varieties of the beautiful flower.

Here’s my favorite variety in the grove, a deep plum colored bloom that’s named RONALDO. I’m assuming it’s named after Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo…I have no proof but that’s what I choose to believe!
That’s me trying to sneak in among the beauties.
The garden also feature plum blossoms and other similarly beautiful flowering trees.
I’m pretending to be reading beside a stunningly beautiful tree

The Madrid Botanical Garden also houses an entire section dedicated to roses. Unfortunately, they bloom later than tulips and I wasn’t able to catch them. There’s a also a greenhouse filled with tropical plants. As you can imagine, that didn’t interest me much. hehe. The 8-hectare property has a lot to offer and is a good place for a relaxing stroll with the family.

If you’re in the area for spring, enjoy Madrid’s scenery in one of the city’s beautiful parks. If you’re a tulip junkie like me, this is the place to be. It doesn’t compare to Holland, but it’s a good alternative if you find yourself here at the right time.
Access: The public entrance to the garden is located near the Museo del Prado at the Plaza de Murillo.
Address: Real Jardin Botanico, Plaza de Murillo 2, Madrid, Spain, 28014