Must Try! MY SOUTH HALL by Chef Josh Boutwood Now Open at Conrad S'Maison

My South Hall S'Maison

Heading to the food court is not always my first choice when I’m looking for dining options. If at all, I only visit food courts when I’m in a massive hurry. However, in recent years, the dining culture in Metro Manila has transformed so much that it’s barely recognizable. One of the major improvements is the proliferation of higher quality food courts which are now more commonly referred to as food halls.


My South Hall S'Maison

Chef Josh Boutwood and The Bistro Group recently collaborated to open MY SOUTH HALL at the ground floor of S’Maison (Conrad). The “fast-casual” dining hub features a collection of curated restaurant counters offering some of today’s most popular cuisines and beverages. It’s still basically a food court wherein you can choose to order from a variety of counters which share a common dining area. The difference is the quality and selection of the food and a classier ambience. There aren’t any fast food joints here!

My South Hall S'Maison
Yakitori at Tabemashou
My South Hall S'Maison
Tako Maki at Tabamashou
My South Hall S'Maison
Spicy Salmon Maki at Tabemashou

“Let’s Eat!” is the literal translation of Tabemashou and indeed that’s what we wanted to do as soon as we walked past this counter. I’m a sucker for Japanese food so I gravitated towards this stall. They have the basic Japanese staples to satisfy your cravings. I’m a big fan of their maki rolls and yakitori selection. If you’re looking for something heavier, they also serve ramen.

My South Hall S'Maison
Dim Sum at golden treasures
My South Hall S'Maison
Dim sum at Golden Treasure
My South Hall S'Maison
Chicken Feet at Golden treasures

I can never say no to some dim sum! All your favorites are here. Have some hakaw, siomai and chicken feet for a snack or order some noodles or rice meals for a full meal.

My South Hall S'Maison
Roast’d chicken and pork

As the name suggests, Roast’d offers a variety of Chinese-style roasts. Once you see all the glistening meat hanging from the window, you wouldn’t be able to resist. I actually ordered an assorted platter even if I was already full. In the end, everything was so good and I still managed o eat it all!

My South Hall S'Maison
Seoul Hot Pot

Craving for Korean flavors but not in the mood for unlimited samgyupsal? Visit Seoul hotpot and enjoy a hearty stew filled with top quality Chuck Eye and Angus Beef Sirloin Hotpots.

My South Hall S'Maison
CHIX wings

Chicken wings in every flavor you can possibly want! I am a fan of the classic buffalo chicken wings but I have to admit that I also stole a couple of honey garlic and sour cream wings off someone else’s basket. They also serve mouth-watering burgers.

My South Hall S'Maison
Truffle Pasta

Simple ingredients treated exceptionally well. That’s what you’ll expect from Italian cooking and that’s exactly how they do it at Roma. The pasta dishes were superb! We particularly liked the truffle-infused sauces. So decadent for a food hall! I will be coming back to try the herb chicken for sure!

My South Hall S'Maison
Juicy Fresh Bar

Korea’s number one fresh juice bar has arrived in the Philippines! I don’t particularly like soda but I love flavored drinks. Fresh fruit options are always great to have. If you’re a foreigner, I highly recommend having a fresh mango shake. We have the best mangoes in the world!

My South Hall S'Maison
WCKD Milk Tea

Last but not the least, WCKD Authentic Taiwan milk tea! I almost didn’t order but someone accidentally ordered the wrong drink and I inherited it. Thank God I got a taste! Happy to say that the milk tea here has actual tea. I am not a fan of the fancy varieties or those with only brown sugar and milk. I want my milk tea drink to be just that…tea with milk and sugar. The ones served here are pretty legit.

You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice at MY SOUTH HALL. The best part is, everyone in the group can choose something different (and share). If you find yourself in the area, give the place a try ad let me know which one’s your favorite!

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