Where to Eat in BGC: Da Rae Jung Authentic Korean Barbecue

I know what you’re thinking…not another Korean barbecue place! Hear me out. DA RAE JUNG doesn’t just serve your usual unlimited fare. The meats are of the highest quality and  they have a lot of Korean dishes that you won’t find in your latest bandwagon joint.

Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen
Our full spread. Set B Php2,600

But first, let’s talk about the meat. My friends and I took advantage of their barbecue set meals. We chose one that had the following meats: beef loin, boneless ribs, LA-style beef ribs and marinated beef ribs. For only Php2,600, this is a steal!

Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen
Set B Beef Platter

I was just recently in Korea and we spent twice as much for the same amount of meat! Seven people consumed this meal (plus an extra order or japchae and tteokbokki). In the end, we were all left bulging with satisfaction. If you’re not ordering anything else, the meal should be enough for 4-5 adults.

We started with the thinly-sliced beef loin. This is a fresh cut of beef that’s streaked in fat. I like cooking this kind of beef with a little bit of char to caramelize the fat. So yummy!

Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen
Oh, by the way, we ordered some extra samgyupsal as well. hehe

We worked our way through our beef platter and you can hear the ooohs and ahhhs as everyone in the table took a bite. The most tender pieces came from the marinated beef rib. These were so flavorful and each bite melts in your mouth.

Da Rae Jung Korean Barbecue
Marinated Beef Ribs

My personal favorite is the bone-in LA-style beef rib. I really like the cartilage and fat that’s mixed in with the meat. Cooking this on the bone gives it a deeper, smoky flavor.

Da Rae Jung KOrean Barbecue
LA-style beef rib

I was also very happy to find some fiery tteokbokki here. I loved the sweet, spicy sauce so much so that I mixed it into my rice. Needless to say, I ate far too much rice than I really should.

Da Rae Jung Korean Barbecue

The japchae glass noodles and all of the side dishes were on point as well. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to try the jajangmyeon, Korean fried chicken, deep-fried gizzards and pajeon. Almost every single Korean dish that I like is on  the menu!

Da Rae Jung Restaurant
Da Rae Jung Kimchijjigae
Kimchi Stew with Samgyupsal

I am definitely coming back very soon and I am bringing a bigger group to share with!

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