Unlimited Promo at HODAI Japanese-Korean Fusion Restaurant

The newly-opened HODAI RESTAURANT offers UNLIMITED Japanese Fusion Cuisine. They serve a mix of popular Japanese and Korean dishes in a modified “unlimited” dining concept. Take advantage of their THANKSGIVING PROMO until the end of the month (May 31)!

HODAI Restaurant
Hodai Unlimited Japanese Fusion Restaurant offers a thanksgiving promo until May 31.

The unlimited dining scheme at HODAI RESTAURANT is slightly different for your usual Korean Barbecue joint. Here, they offer a selection of dishes that are bundled together into sets. The entire set is served and you can ask for refills of whichever dish you prefer.

Hodai Restaurant
Unlimited Refills of Japanese and Korean Favorites

The HODAI SILVER SET costs only PHP299/head (Original Price P499). This set includes unlimited refills of the following nine dishes:

  1. White Fish Teriyaki: Tender and flaky white fish is breaded and served with a sweet-savory teriyaki glaze. This dish made me go for extra rice. The sauce was very tasty!

    Hodai Fish Teriyaki
    Fish Teriyaki
  2. Japchae: A Korean favorite! The japchae here looked a bit anemic almost like a Filipino bihon. However, despite lacking the usual brownish color, the japchae still packed all of the same flavors! Perhaps they used a lighter soy sauce?

    Hodai Japchae
  3. Rose Cream Pasta: This is a spicy seafood spaghetti that has a rich, creamy white sauce. The Japanese like making these fusion pasta dishes but I am loyal to my Italians. It wasn’t my favorite in the set but that’s probably  because I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to pasta.

    Hodai rose Cream Pasta
    Rose Cream Pasta
  4. Tempura: The serving contains two prawns, some kani and some vegetable tempura. I would prefer it to be all ebi but for this price? I’m not complaining! Besides, I can always order more!

    Hodai Tempura
  5. Maki Roll Tower: The rolls didn’t have generous amounts of raw fish as expected. However, these are still a step above the takeout sushi that  you can get elsewhere. Careful attention has been given to the complex mix of flavors and textures. There’s some kani, tuna, mangoes and a variety of sauces.

    Hodai Maki Tower
    Maki Tower
  6. Korean Fried Chicken: Sweet, crunchy and sticky! Perfect Korean fried chicken! Definitely asking for refills of this dish! Don’t worry, it’s not that spicy!

    Hodai Fried Chicken
    Korean Fried Chicken
  7. Kani Salad: This one has no frills…just your usual lettuce, cabbage and small strips of kani. It’s a refreshing addition to the set since amy of the other flavors are fairly strong.

    Hodai Kani Salad
    Kani Salad
  8. Kimchi Gyoza: The ultimate Japanese x Korean mix. These are fried until crispy. The tangy kimchi flavor works well to cu through the sweet and savory flavors of the rest of the dishes.

    Hodai Kimchi Gyoza
    Kimhi Gyoza
  9. Tonkatsu: A generous pork cutlet that is doused in a sweet  sauce that’s different from your usual bulldog brown sauce in a bottle. This one is a tad sweeter almost like a katsudon sauce.
    Hodai Tonkatsu

    If you’re feeling like having some barbecued pork, just upgrade to the GOLD SET which goes for Php359/head. That lets you order a SPICY CHEESE BBQ BOWL alongside all the other dishes that I’ve already mentioned.

    Hodai SPicy Cheese BBQ BOwl
    Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl

The restaurant is located along Examiner St. in West Triangle Quezon CIty. The space is a former residence that has been converted into a multi-level restaurant. The tables are set up for big groups and that’s really the way to go if you will be dining here. With so many items included per set, it’s best to come in a group of at least four people.

Even at regular price, this unlimited deal is great value for money. for even more savings, head over ASAP to take advantage of the promo!

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