Pedro Tap House: Craft Beers and Great Meals!

Pedro Craft Brewery has steadily carved a place for itself in the Manila bar scene over the past couple of years. It used to only be available in obscure hipster places until it worked its way into the mainstream. Now, these locally crafted beers have found a home at the PEDRO TAP HOUSE in the reinvented Poblacion district of Makati.

A selection of LITTLE CREATURES BEERS from Australia


This month, Australian brewery LITTLE CREATURES has partnered up with PEDRO TAP HOUSE to offer a selection of their best brews. Side by side with PEDRO’s local creations, I must say that our local brews hold their own. Head over to PEDRO TAP HOUSE to compare for yourself!

We tried Little Creatures’ DOG DAYS Session Ale, PALE ALE and Australian style BRIGHT ALE. If you are a seasoned beer drinker, you’ll be able to appreciate the hints of bitterness balanced with citrus and flowery accents that you can taste in these beers. Newbies or beer virgins should start with the DOG DAYS Session Ale, which is decidedly lighter than the other two. However, it’s still a lot more flavorful than many light beers that are in the market.

The hoppy PALE ALE is my favorite. This one actually reminds me a lot of some of the beers brewed by  PEDRO TAP HOUSE. Like I said, it’s not a competition between the local and imported brews but I am very happy to see that apart from world famous San Miguel Beer, our local brewing industry is really stepping up.

I am also very happy to say that even if PEDRO TAP HOUSE is primarily a bar, their food is pretty awesome as well. I love the careful thought that went into the menu items. Most of them are familiar and common in bar menus but these are done extremely well.

For example, this creation that they call bar junk is really just  popcorn but they added candied bacon, cashews, some chili ad a hint of citrus from orange zest. It’s an elevated popcorn if I ever saw one!

Pedro Tap House
Bar Junk

The buffalo wings here are also exceptional. I say that because when I order buffalo wings, I expect the real deal. That means I want to have the original vinegar-based hot sauce glaze with blue cheese dressing. Barbecue sauce, honey mustard or any other glazed chicken should never be called “buffalo.” At Pedro Tap House, they do it right!

Pedro Tap House Menu
Corn Dogs

They also have mini corn dogs and burgers on the menu. If you’re looking for something heavier, I loved the sisig we had last time I was here.

Pedro Tap House
Pedro Tap House Burger

My latest discover is the HANGOVER BOWL. Basically, it’s a bowl of Indonesian fried rice with crispy spam, fried chicken, fried onions and an onsen egg. So yummy!

Pedro Tap House Food
Hangover Bowl

Overall, PEDRO TAP HOUSE is a great place to have a chill evening while sampling some great craft beers. LITTLE CREATURES will be available on tap for the next two month alongside your favorite PEDRO CRAFT BEER.

Overall rating: 5/5
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