Mimi & Bros BGC: Come Hungry and Ready for Drinks!

I used to think that Mimi & Bros is more of just a watering hole instead of a proper restaurant. The small space at the ground floor of the Crossroads Building in BGC offers an extensive menu that means you can have both an amazing dinner and fantastic drinks here.

Mimi’s Fried Chicken

If you’re coming with a group of friends, it won’t hurt to grab a platter of Mimi’s Fried Chicken. The crispy skin is seasoned to perfection! Fried chicken is always a crowd pleaser and this one won’t let  you down, If you’re coming alone or with a smaller group, there’s an option to go with half or a quarter serving.

BBQ Pork Ribs

The carnivore in me couldn’t resist the sticky BBQ Pork Ribs. You can choose to have it with Classic BBQ sauce, Smokey Bacon or with a Rootbeer BBQ Glaze. The flavors penetrate into the tender meat and you end up wanting to get your hands dirty as you bite the meat straight off the bone.

The sides were pretty good too! I like everything rich and creamy and that’s exactly what I got here. The Mac & Cheese was my fave but you can also opt for rice. They serve rice five different ways here. You can have the usual plain or garlic rice or opt to level it up with seasoned or dirty rice. If you want to take it a notch higher, grab the surpRICE! It’s a bowl of steaming seasoned rice topped with collagen that you can stir into the bowl until it melts into a wonderfully decadent dish.


Don’t worry, if you want something lighter they have a kimchi slaw and a side salad. Frankly though, I would still go for the mashed potatoes and corn pudding.

6-Hour BBQ Beef Short Ribs

Let’s go back to the meat. I already loved the pork ribs but I think my friends and I agree that the 6-hour BBQ Beef Short Rib was the real star of the show. You can really taste all the attention that came into the lengthy preparation of this dish. The slab of meat came to the table and I had fend everyone off with the knife just to get a juicy, smoky slice.

Mimi’s Fried Chicken Sandwich
Chili Dog

If you’re only coming in for a snack, they offer sandwiches too. The fried chicken sandwich is a best seller and so is the fully loaded chili dog. The sandwiches are substantial enough to constitute a full meal so you can really expect to come out of a trip to Mimi & Bros with a happy tummy.

Chicken Skin Nachos

Even the pica-pica or starters here are decadent. Check out the chicken skin nachos. It works really well with your refreshing beer or cocktail. I was completely psyched to learn that they serve Hoegaarden Rosee here. It only means I have yet another place to enjoy one of my favorite drinks!

I’m only docking a point here because it’s so hot in the Philippines! Most of the dining area is open-air so it can get really hot and humid even in the evening.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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