Jeju Loveland: Korean Theme Park Filled with GIant Penises

If you want to ride a Penis that is bigger than a bus, you can experience it at LOVELAND on Jeju Island. This theme park boasts a gigantic penis fountain that you can climb up on as it spews water to a pond below. To see is to believe:

Giant Penis
That’s my friend Leah posing on top of the gigantic penis fountain at Loveland

As soon as you enter the park, you will be greeted by numerous phallic symbols and naked sculptures. All body types are represented here so don’t expect to see only a bunch of adonis-type males and Barbie-like females.

Penis faucets
Take your pick from these body types. The faucets are playfully represented as penises.

The penis is also represented in many shapes and sizes here. Different materials were also used to create the sculptures. The park was opened in 2004 and the sexually-charged art installations were created by local artists.

Penis Sculptures at every corner

Male genitalia isn’t the only star of the show. The female form is also very well-represented here. Female masturbation is also depicted explicitly in many installations.

This giant sculpture shows a woman in the throes of ecstasy.

Several sculptures depict sexual acts. Some are quite erotic but others are just downright  funny. Everything is mostly heterosexual though. I can’t tell if this is a Korean cultural restriction or not. Nevertheless, the park is already pushing a lot of boundaries. Let’s see if they will be adding some same-sex interactions in the future.

   However, there seems to be a lot of female-domination that is shown in the sculptures.

Even the snacks were very sexually charged!

Penis-shaped cakes are filled with cream that come out if you squeeze them!

Watch the full video of our tour around Loveland:

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