Dohtonbori Celebrates Third Anniversary in the Philippines with Eat-All-You-Can Promo!

Japan’s biggest okonomiyaki chain, DOHTONBORI, is celebrating it’s third year in the Philippines. The restaurant chain has chosen to celebrate in the most Filipino way possible, an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN promo! For only Php 699++, diners can enjoy unlimited okonomiyaki and yakiniku.

Dohtonbori’s mascot Tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog who loves his okonomiyaki and sake!

Last Tuesday, we celebrated Dohtonbori’s third birthday by trying out the promo ourselves. Of course, we started off with four different kinds of okonomiyaki which were graciously cooked for us by our server Jenni.

Butatama (Pork) Okonomiyaki

We tried the Butatama (Pork), Pepper Galbi (beef), Four Cheese and Veggie Supreme variants. Each okonomiyaki was brought out raw in a small bowl where we can see the fresh ingredients. You can choose to mix and cook it yourself or ask a server to do it for you if you’re not confident with your skills on the teppan.

Okonomiyaki on the teppan grill

The process is pretty straightforward. Just mix the raw ingredients in the bowl then gently form a 4-inch disc on the teppan. Wait for one side to cook for three minutes before flipping. Cook the other side for another three minutes before doing the final flip. Finish off with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and a sprinkling of bonito flakes and nori. Viola! you have a perfectly cooked Japanese savory pancake.

Finish off the okonomiyaki with sauce and toppings. Enjoy with yakiniku!

The okonomiyaki were very savory and filling. Because there’s a lot of chopped cabbage in it, it’s also quite healthy as an alternative to carbs and starch. Even without rice, the okonomiyaki and yakiniku make a satisfying meal.

We sampled some pork yakiniku, kalbi yakiniku and chicken shio. The pork yakiniku was my favorite although it might not be the top option for those who are watching their fat intake. For me, the thinly sliced pork belly with layers of fat and meat are superb. The sweet sauce or marinade that came with it caramelized with the fat to give an amazing bacon-like result.

I like toasting the fat on my pork yakiniku

The beef kalbi is leaner if you want to avoid all the pork fat. Even leaner still, is the chicken shio. There are enough options for everybody in your table. Trust me, you would want to come in with a group so you can sample more menu items.

Beef, Pork and chicken yakiniku on the grill.

Aside from the okonomiyaki and yakiniku, we also tried other dishes on the menu. The karaage or Japanese fried chicken was flavorful and juicy. This is a safe and sure option for kids and picky adults alike.

Chicken Karaage

Dohtonbori also offers a cheese tempura. Instead of the usual tiger prawns, these are deep fried cheese sticks that are encased in a crispy, light tempura batter. A great side dish to go with your yakiniku and okonomiyaki.

Cheese Tempura

Needless to say, we truly made the most out of the eat-all-you-can promo at Dohtonbori. Everyone ate until our happy tummies exclaimed “PONPOKOPON!” with Tanuki, the restaurant’s mascot. He was on hand for the anniversary celebration and brought out the kids inside all of us.

As an added bonus, diners who avail the eat-all-you-can promo at Dohtonbori will get a chance to join the raffle. An all expense paid trip to Japan for two is up for grabs!

This is only available until Jan. 31, 2019 so hurry up and fill your tummy for a chance to win!

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