Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew: Why This Needs to be Your New Hangout Spot in Kapitolyo

Next time your husband/boyfriend asks for permission to hang out with his fellow “Titos of Manila,” by all means, let him go. After all, hanging out with friends can result in some serious brainstorming and the birth of an amazing food concept like TITTOS LATIN BBQ & BREW.

Stemming from a WhatsApp chat group named “Titos of Manila,” a group of young men came up with the idea of putting up this South American inspired restaurant and bar in the booming food district of Brgy. Kapitolyo in Pasig City.

I have tried my fair share of Latin American restaurants over the years. Many offer similar dishes and it’s difficult for any taco or burrito to stand out. This is why I was pleasantly surprised after I took my first bite of the NACHO EL GIGANTE from TITTOS.  

Nacho El Gigante (Medio) Php245.00

I know what you’re thinking, it’ just another version of Nachos Grande. That’s also what I thought. However, this one set itself apart from the rest right from the moment the first tortilla chip hit my taste buds.

The flavor of the smoky barbecue beef shines throughout the dish. Generous helpings of a tomato salsa, chimichurri sauce and Mexican crema make the perfect topping alongside three kinds of cheese.

Another common Latin American snack that has been exceptionally executed here is the MEXICAN ELOTE. Grilled sweet corn is generously spiced with smoked paprika butter, tamarind spice, lime mayonnaise and crumbled cheese. It packs a punch, so be fairly forewarned if you’re not too keen on spices.

Mexican Elote (Php245.00)

Moving on to the main dishes, the POLLO ASADO or roasted chicken is one of the best sellers. The juicy, tender meat is well seasoned and good enough to eat without condiments. However, I’m not going to turn down the chimichurri sauce and mango relish that goes with it.

Pollo Asado (Mitad/Half) Php375.00

TITTOS is above all, a meatlover’s delight. I tried their version of salpicao on a previous meal and was very happy with it. This time, my choice of beef was the LOMO SALTADO. 

Beef tenderloin is cooked with onions, pimientos and tomatoes then served with a heaping serving of thick-cut fries. This reminds me of fajitas except you get fries instead of tortillas.

Lomo Saltado (Php425.00)

The ultimate piece de resistance during our meal was actually a local classic. After all, this is still a locally conceptualized restaurant. Introducing, Tittos’ version of the beloved CRISPY PATA:

Tittos Chicharron (Php650.00)

To cut through all that rich protein, you can take away a little bit of your guilt by having some ceviche. My friends and I call this a fancy kilawin. The fresh pieces of fish are marinated and cooked through the acid in citrus before being served with onions, corn, pop beans and cilantro.

Don Ceviche Php295.00

If you’re coming here for snacks instead of a full meal, there are other options aside from tacos and burritos. I particularly liked their CHORI-BURGERITTOS. These sliders are packed with flavor despite their deceivingly small appearance. The thick chorizo patties are topped with melty cheese and sandwiched in a soft toasted bun.

Chori-burgerittos Php280.00

The desserts here are also extraordinary. I loved their Dulce de Leche cheesecake and Frozen Brazo. They also have a good selection of cocktails. If you’re looking for more drinks, there’s actually a secret bar at the back of the property! I will tell you more about that next time.

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