Wolfgang's Steakhouse Promo: Holiday Prime Burgers Featuring USDA Prime Black Angus Beef

When the holiday season rolls in, all bets are off. We go all out with the festivities and send apologies to our wallets and waistlines. Finding a balance between practicing restraint while making the most out of the season is tough. Luckily, there are holiday promos that appeal to our better judgement.

The Classic Burger (Php500++), New York Prime Burger (Php700++)

WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila has introduced their PRIME HOLIDAY BURGERS. We tried out all three options and here’s why I think you should come here for your next holiday get-together:

The Classic Burger (Php500++)


The USDA Prime Black Angus Patty is the star of the show here. The thick, medium rare patty is served conservatively in between toasted slices of buttery brioche bread. On the side, you have sliced pickles, onions, lettuce and tomatoes. These traditional burger toppings can be added in your burger, or you can choose to have them separately to preserve the integrity of your beef patty. A generous serving of fries and onion rings come with this hefty plate.

The patty is thick, tender and packed with flavor. The dry-aged beef shines through because of the simplicity of this burger. Even though it’s a hefty hunk of meat, the lean blend makes it feel light and less sinful than many other holiday meal options.

New York Prime Burger (Php700++)


If the USDA Prime Black Angus burger patty isn’t enough for you, then you should go for the New York Prime Burger. A slice of cheese hugs the beef patty and forms the perfect bed for two thick slices of Canadian bacon. Everything tastes better with bacon. If you don’t believe that, you’re reading from the wrong site.

The same vegetables are served on the side, along with onion rings and fries. This is my personal favorite among the three burger options. Despite the thick slices of bacon, it wasn’t greasy. It was able to make me feel indulgent for the holidays but not guilty enough to run to the treadmill. Absolute bliss.

Waikiki Burger (Php700++)


As the name suggests, this burger is inspired by the Hawaiian neighborhood of Waikiki. While there are no pineapples in this dish, its unique quality lies in the bun. Instead of being sandwiched in between slices of bread, the beef patty sits between rice patties. I think of it as a cross between a Salisbury Steak and a traditional burger. A sunny side up egg sits on top of the patty and the runny yolk provides a richness that enhances all that beefy goodness.

Because this burger is served with what I would say is equivalent to two cups of rice, two people can easily share this dish and still go home satisfied. The mushrooms and vegetables on the side complement the burger and give it a healthy, fresh touch.

Since I mentioned a Salisbury Steak, I found that the Waikiki Burger worked best with some of Wolfgang’s Old Fashioned Sauce. Bottles of the sauce sit in every table so feel free to use it to your heart’s content. The Old Fashioned Sauce serves as a substitute to what would be a brown gravy that goes with your usual Salisbury Steak.

Wolfgang’s Old Fashioned Sauce

These burgers are being offered at the bar and at the al fresco area of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse at the atrium of Newport Mall. During the holidays, you can sit there and watch various artists performing on stage right from your seat in the restaurant.

The promo is only available until December 31 so grab your chance to try these USDA Prime Black Angus burgers while you still can!

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