Shakeaway Offers Hundreds of Milkshake Flavor Combinations For Your Enjoyment!

For some reason, milkshakes evoke nostalgia and childhood memories. Perhaps this is because the metabolism of youth allowed more sunny afternoons spent enjoying thick, ice-cream laden milkshakes more often than I can do it now.

Luckily, SHAKEAWAY Philippines has hundreds of milkshake options to choose from. Among them are some healthy combinations featuring the more diet-friendly but equally delightful frozen yoghurt.

To be perfectly honest though, It’s not easy to go for the “healthy” option once you walk into the store. The walls are lined with candy bars, cookies, chocolates and many of your favorite treats whether from your childhood or your newly-discovered indulgent treats.

The chain hails from the United Kingdom and their menu features some shakes which contain some of the best-selling candy bars in the UK. You can find this section labelled “Taste of London” in the extensive menu. From this group, I decided to try the CRUNCHIE flavored shake. This honeycomb-filled chocolate bar is one of my favorite candy bars of all time.

Despite being an international brand, they also adjusted to the local palate and offered some shakes filled with locally-produced ingredients. It was a toss-up between the CHOC-NUT and the CHOCO MALLOWS shake but I went for the mallows. It was surreal to have this in shake form! At this point I was wishing I never had lunch.

Naturally, we also had to try one of the worldwide favorites. Among the named shakes, we went for the DAVE, a Ferrero Rocher filled concoction enhanced with Kinder Bueno and crumbled Cadbury chocolate flakes. Yum!

Does it still count as healthy if we had the frozen yoghurt AFTER we had the milkshakes? Haha. Nevermind. We had the one called the IZZY, topped with bananas, strawberries and granola. Sounds healthy enough for you? Well, it was perfect for me! You can also choose to have your shake with a yoghurt base instead of ice cream. I’m excited to try that on my next visit!

Visit SHAKEAWAY at U.P. Town Center and remember to come with lots of space in your tummy!

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