Grab Your Breakfast of Champions at Italianni's Chef's Breakfast Kitchen!

“Breakfast of Champions” is an overused phrase but I must say that these words kept floating through my mind after I discovered the CHEF’S BREAKFAST KITCHEN by ITALIANNI’S.

While this Italian joint is already widely popular, it’s not exactly the first place that would come to mind when you’re looking for a place to grab breakfast. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. You can thank me later.

Let me tell you about the food. Let’s start with the FRENCH TOAST PLATTER (PHP395). This dish is good enough to be shared by up to three people for a filling breakfast! Six thick slices of French toast are served with cubes of fresh fruit, butter and caramel sauce. Each bite is perfectly eggy, sweet and savory at the same time. A perfect way to get energized for the day ahead!

French Toast Platter

If you’re dining alone and you can’t devour an entire platter of French toast by yourself, let me tell you about the CHORIZO AND FENNEL SAUSAGE PUFF (PHP375). First of all, puff pastry is life. This dish is basically a rectangular puff pastry topped with chorizo and sausage bits. There’s also some cherry tomatoes and cubes of feta cheese to balance out the flavor. Absolutely divine!
Chorizo and Fennel Sausage Puff

Apart from that, the Italianni’s breakfast selection also offers two versions of Italian-style eggs benedict. The first one is the ITALIAN PROSCIUTTO EGGS BENEDICT (PHP375). Prosciutto…need I say more? A big slice of sourdough bread is topped with generous slices of the famous Italian ham, tomatoes, basil, hollandaise and pesto sauce. Then, a perfectly poached egg is perched on top.
Prosciutto Eggs Benedict

If you’re not a fan of prosciutto, consider yourself unfollowed, unfriended and blocked. Don’t fret, we may no longer be friends but you do have the choice to go for the (almost) equally delicious SMOKED CAPOCOLLO HAM WITH AVOCADO (PHP350). The recently hip and in demand avo toast makes an appearance here as a hybrid eggs benedict. Instead of the prosciutto, this sourdough is topped with a smoked capocollo ham. There are several slices of perfectly ripe and creamy avocadoes and a poached egg on top. Instead of basil, this one has peppery arugula to cut through the richness.
Smoked Caapocollo Ham with Avocado

I know some of you Pinoys are going… “But where’s the rice? Don’t worry. They have a selection of rice meals for you! They even went all-out traditional with the SMOKED TINAPA DELIGHT (PHP395). What a delight this truly was! I love everything that’s smoked and our local tinapa is sublime. Here. It’s served boneless and ready to eat without having to pick through the bones.
Smoked Tinapa Delight

If your inner carnivore is looking for meat, there’s also the option to go for the BREAKFAST PORK CHOP (PHP395). The chop has a slightly sweet marinade akin to a barbecue. My friends and I shared most of the dishes and this was one of the first to disappear. The thick slice of pork had the perfect meat to fat ratio and we literally had to fight over the crispy, fatty edges.
Breakfast Pork Chop

I know that not everyone wants to indulge in a pork chop for breakfast so let me tell you about the healthier alternatives. If you want a lighter meal but can’t leave out the rice, go for the FRIED EGGPLANT WITH SAUSAGE (PHP365). This is basically your classic tortang talong but elevated with the addition of bits of Italian sausage, pickled onions and oregano.
Fried Eggplant with Sausage

Finally, if you insist on going totally clean, I can leave you to have the PILI GRANOLA WITH YOGHURT (PHP365). I tried this too but admittedly I treated it more like a dessert after I tasted everything else haha. I’m sure many health buffs will appreciate having the option.
Pili Granola with Yoghurt

Overall, I’m very happy with the effort that Italianni’s has put into creating their breakfast menu. Every order also comes with a complimentary coffee or tea.To see their full menu and other reviews, visit their page on Zomato:
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